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Fri Jun 4 22:10:26 UTC 2010

The way I'm looking at this, is that we should make the OWASP board member
action's independent from the chapters or conferences budgets (and decision

Since the Board member is one of the official ambassadors of OWASP and (has
Jeff  has proposed in his last email, one with a LOT of duties and
responsibilities when he attends ANY OWASP related event), we need to create
a system where the board member has independence from the local chapter when
deciding to attend a local event.

I think that it is critical for OWASP that the members of the board
participate in as many OWASP events as possible, since, in addition to the
good local Kudos and Karma that they bring to the event, it also allow us to
keep our 'ears to the ground' and make sure that there is a very clear and
open channel of communication between the OWASP community and the board.

A couple more scenarios:

  -  although I went to Ireland to do a presentation on the O2 Platform, I
was also there as a Board member, and it was the positive energy,
organisation capability and local dynamics that puts me now in the position
to recommend (and fully support) Ireland for the organisation of the OWASP
AppSec 2011.
  - although Eoin came to London to do a presentation on the Code Review, he
was also exposed to the Training model we are currently developing (which
will allow him to help others to created similar events). But more
importantly, me and Eoin spent quite a bit of time talking about the OWASP
Commercial Services model, and it was through those conversations that the
 proposed model emerged.

I think that tracking (and presenting to our community) the expenses of each
individual Board member, will provide a good visibility on what we are
doing. It will also help any new (future) board members to understand what
is expected from them and what is their role. This is also part of the
reason why we need to be more formal about the role of OWASP Board members.

Of course that we (as board members) should coordinate our trips so that we
have maximum coverage (with minimum travel)

My proposed course of action is that we set the rule that the OWASP Board
members can travel (at their discretion and at the OWASP-central-expense) to
OWASP events and (in addition to Jeff's comments) have the duty to report
(at least to the board but ideally to the owasp-leaders) what happened
during that event and what ideas/recommendations they have for the future
(this could be a blog post).

Finally, the OotM funds should be used by the OWASP leaders (not board
members) and the discretionary budget that each board member has (up to 2500
USD per month) should be available (and reported) on top of any travel

Dinis Cruz

On 4 Jun 2010, at 22:43, Dave Wichers <dave.wichers at owasp.org> wrote:

 I don’t think I agree with this logic. If a local chapter puts on an event
like this, why is the foundation paying to send speakers to it (unless we
are using OotM for that, and I would support use of some of that money for
this)? And I know each board member supposedly has a budget, and spending of
that budget should be tracked, but it should be for their discretionary
spending (if they have any), and not for them attending conferences or other
events that they are invited to.

As I said before, I think we should have each conference pay to bring one
board member to that conference out of their budget, but I don’t think it’s
the best use of the conference’s funds to pay for a gaggle of us to attend
just to attend. Ultimately ‘their’ budget is OWASPs budget and we should be
careful about how OWASP uses its funds.


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Fine by me,

But I did not go over there as a board member but as the code review guide

The same as my chapter paid for you to come over and present O2 a few months

On 4 June 2010 13:17, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

Alison, can you threat these and all board member expenses seperately?

The idea is that the board member's expenses should not be 'paid' by the
local chapter (but instead covered by owasp-central)

Actually, while you are at it, can you keep track of the amount spent by
each board member (and report on it Quarterly)?


Dinis Cruz

On 4 Jun 2010, at 12:48, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:


attached are expenses to be deducted from the london training (28/5/2010)
and refunded to me.

I believe you have my bank details? If not, please ask.

Taxi: £30 GBP

Taxi: £28 GBP

Taxi: €60 Euro

Taxi: €55 Euro

= €70 (2 UK taxis) + €60 + €55

*Total €185 to be expensed*

EY funded my flight expenses (€300)



Eoin Keary
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OWASP Code Review Guide Lead Author

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Eoin Keary
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