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Hi Dinis,


So just to verify…you would like me to categorize any board members expenses (including travel) in a separate expense account? What about when board members travel to conferences?  Would this still be recorded separately, or would it be an expense of the conference?


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Alison, can you threat these and all board member expenses seperately?


The idea is that the board member's expenses should not be 'paid' by the local chapter (but instead covered by owasp-central)


Actually, while you are at it, can you keep track of the amount spent by each board member (and report on it Quarterly)?



Dinis Cruz

On 4 Jun 2010, at 12:48, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote:


attached are expenses to be deducted from the london training (28/5/2010) and refunded to me.

I believe you have my bank details? If not, please ask.



Taxi: £30 GBP

Taxi: £28 GBP

Taxi: €60 Euro

Taxi: €55 Euro


= €70 (2 UK taxis) + €60 + €55


Total €185 to be expensed


EY funded my flight expenses (€300)





Eoin Keary
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