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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Thu Jun 3 14:57:13 UTC 2010

We like to have at least one board member present. When I go, I'm always a
speaker, a trainer, and frequently a keynote or closing remarks speaker.


I have not attended a conference yet where I didn't do at least one or most
of those things.


I don't think we need a bunch of there just to be there, and if OWASP is
paying for it, I don't think its necessarily the best use of our time to
send 'extra' board members to each conference just for the sake of being
there. I support the model of trying to get at least one board member at
each major conference, but we should be prudent about our use of funds and
have specific reasons for sending more than one. So, speaking, training,
etc. are good reasons, as would be decided to get a bunch of us together to


But otherwise I don't think OWASP should be paying to send multiple board
members to our conferences. If a 2nd board member wants to go, and you can
get your employer to send you, like Matt is doing, that's great.


Related to your specific question, if you are too busy, or don't really want
to go, I wouldn't bother. Given that Seba and Dinis and I are all going to
be there already, I think we have the 'at least one board member requirement




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do the board members attending the OWASP EU event have any tasks to perfrom.

If not is there a concrete reason to attend?






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