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Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
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I can talk at 2PM, which is right now:) If we wait until 5PM, I may be in
the car driving. Either way works for me. Jeff will not need to be in on the


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> We could discuss what we would like to see happen to fix the problem. 
> I am free all this week. Can you suggest a time and we will see if 
> Jeff can join in ?

How would 2pm or 5pm EDT tomorrow, Wed. work?

Do you have any written requirements yet?  Is it a problem/bug or functional

> You asked for access to the server in order to make the change. This 
> is a live server and it would be preferred that changes be made on a 
> local box. We are using the source directly from OpenX. I can dump the 
> database so you have a quick setup on a local machine if you would 
> like?

We could work on our development server, but would need your current
codebase and the relevant database dumps.  If there are other developers
making changes on the site, we'd need to figure out the best way to push
changes back live.


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