[Owasp-board] Christian Heinrich

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Tue Jul 13 19:25:18 UTC 2010

Christian Heinrich called me yesterday and he discussed his disappointment with "trolls" and Deloitte in under minding the core values of owasp in his down under region.  In summary he spoke of Andrew Van DerStock and Justin Derry as "working together with him" to fix owasp issues in his region..  Andrew should be contacted for his first hand comment on this statement.

Further Christian said that he had spoken with Dinis in Amsterdam and that there would be no more work on the owasp google project.   (I recommend that this project be closed and archived) and defer to Paulo.

The chapters issue is a bit more complex, from the chapters perspective it would be a healthy global communication to conduct the 1st annual chapter report card survey and award.  The purpose of this would be to gather factual data from mailing list and chapter members all chapters lists.

What this does is put all chapter leaders on notice of the rules in running a chapter (chapter guide) and provides a voice for attendees.  The resulting chapters and chapter leaders will be ranked and awarded.  I will pull 20 survey questions from the chapter handbook and target a September 15th email announcement to gather feedback in preparation of the 2010 chapter of the year awards. We can then find some new blood for the global chapters committee.  

Anyone see a downside of doing this? We will do the survey via salesforce btw

Semper Fi,

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