[Owasp-board] owasp.org - wiki down?

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The backups are in the form of database base dumps and directory backups on
a nightly basis. I keep about a month of history. Directory backups are
available in 2 onsite and 1 offsite locations. Database dumps are also
available locally on the server.


I do not backup the server as a whole since it is best to just build another
OS install to get to the latest main version rather than minors. 


If we lost a server today, a new one could be up in a few hours.


Aspect pays me for my time that I spend on OWASP. What OWASP pays Aspect is
not something I am aware of. OWASP does pay me for the graphic work I do,
but that has been steadily going down ever since I started getting paid for




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I know we have 'backups' (I remember from previous threads), my question was
more on 'what type of backups do we have' and it was mainly a plug for the
idea that Matt talked about yesterday about having 'virtual' copies of our


On the subject of backups, if we had lost completely the owasp website
today, how far back would the recovery cover?


Ideally this information should be on the owasp website (do we have a
section that covers the 'logistics part of owasp'?

The fact that Larry (I'm assuming that is you) still does critical functions
for OWASP like backups, is another reason we need to sort out his situation
and pay him accordingly. Jeff and Dave this is really on your side since
Larry is an Aspect employee and there is a lot of Fog here. Can you clarify
what is the current commercial relationship with Larry? i.e. who is getting
paid what? (ideally the answer should be a link to a page on the owasp.org

Dinis Cruz

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You really think you need to ask about backups? Yes we have backups.




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Can't we just access the Backup version of our website?

humm... we do have backups, right?

Matt, I really liked that idea you talked about yesterday about creating
virtual copies of our website

Dinis Cruz

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Me either.

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the wiki does not respond where I am (in Belgium)?


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