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Hi Kate,


The Salesforce integration is a very cool idea.  I gather they they would be
writing this from scratch?  Does a product like this already exist? Since
this is something they can resell, and I would want them to, I would think a
significant discount on the price would be in order.


I haven't reviewed this carefully.. But.. I'd like them to sign up to the
secure software contract annex or something like it.  That would mean that
any security holes in the software would be theirs to fix at no cost.  I'd
also like to get updates for free (assuming that they update the product).




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Board, in preparation for Monday's meeting, can EVERYONE please take a look
at the attached proposal from Navatar Group for an on line registration
program?  Our contract with Cvent will expire in November and I'm looking at
options to replace them.  This product is built in Salesforce language and
is fully integrated with Salesforce.  This would mean that there would be
real-time information available on our members, conferences, sponsorships,
trainers and classes, etc.  It would hopefully eliminate duplicating work.


Alison will be working with them on the payment functionality to make sure
we would be able to migrate our current merchant accounts.


Product cost for Cvent is currently $3K annually and $6/registration.  This
would be much less expensive.  Additionally Cvent integrates with Salesforce
based on a download/upload process - not direct integration.


If you would like, I can set up a demo for anyone interested.  One concern I
have is that there is no "live demo" to practice on, but considering how
easy it is to use salesforce, this should be the same.  I have gone through
the product functionality with them and I believe that - if set up correctly
- would make things easier for managing our community's information. 


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