[Owasp-board] OWASP London Training Course's financials

Paulo Coimbra paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Mon Jul 5 17:12:51 UTC 2010

Eoin, Dinis and all,


I've made a mistake when I calculated the OWASP London Chapter Training
Financials and I apologise for that.  I've forgotten 8 new individual
memberships that the first course we held in April has enabled. 


Being so, the total financial loss this event has generated is only -$49.


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Please note that even with this correction the new memberships estimative
may be understated.


If one counts the new UK membership since 1 April 2010 the number rises to
47. Nonetheless, I am only counting with 27 of them (8 in April +19 in May)
because those are the ones that I have been able to trace as being a direct
consequence of the London Training Course.


As additional qualitative info, we also know that this two days event had 85
attendees and 8 OWASP Project Leaders were involved.  Also, educational
materials were produced to support training activities related with 10
different OWASP Project.




Finally, we've invited the course attendees to fill in a 'Course Evaluation
Form' and as a result we have received very encouraging marks and remarks.
As soon as we can scan these forms, they will be put online.






Paulo Coimbra,

 <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project Manager


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Where in my last mail did I say it was not a good investment? I am asking
how we can measure success in terms of more than profit.

On Jul 5, 2010 5:17 p.m., "dinis cruz" <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

Eoin, you must be joking right? Do you really think that this was not a good
investment for OWASP?


In fact, since you were there, can I ask you to answer that question first?


Namely, "from your (Eoin) point of view, what benefits (if any) did OWASP
made from this? and was it worth the money spent?"

Dinis Cruz

On 5 July 2010 16:35, Eoin <eoin.keary at owasp.org> wrote: > > Have we any way
to measure what bene...

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