[Owasp-board] FW: Suggested Core Values Attached

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Wed Dec 22 16:47:08 UTC 2010

I think this is where we are..


1.      Open - At OWASP, everything we do is radically transparent. This
means that our work is done in public so that we can get early feedback and
participation. Our governance and finances are also fully disclosed so that
anyone can verify that we are good steward for the application security


2.      Integrity - OWASP is not for sale.  Our most precious commodity is
the trust that people put in our work. If we even show the appearance of
being biased by commercial forces, we lose that trust. OWASP's non-profit
status and volunteer leadership helps to shield us from these forces. This
does not imply that we cannot work with commercial companies when their
goals align with ours, just that we must remain vigilant against the
appearance of impropriety.


3.      Global - OWASP engages a global community for a global problem.
Anyone anywhere is open to participate in the OWASP community. MORE HERE.


4.      Experimentation - OWASP uses projects to create progress.
Application security is still a very young discipline. At OWASP, we
encourage and support all kinds of experiments to find solutions to our
challenges. Where we have success we may create standards that encourage
further experimentation. Leadership in OWASP is based on effort and results,
and we want anyone with the drive to create and promote new ideas to join
with us.


5.      Ethical - At OWASP we behave ethically and treat others with
respect. MORE HERE.


I apologize for not getting these finished.  I'm hoping you all can drive
this forward.





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Board, I have heard that Seba, Jeff, and Tom will NOT be able to make the
call.  I have not specifically heard from Dave, but I believe he is also on


That being said, it seems like the purpose and content of the call can be
discussed and finalized through an email thread.


Please take a look at the content of this email and the attachments and see
if you agree.


Kate Hartmann

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Good morning Kate,


At my request, Matt posted the attached on the TMC wiki. It is the
consolidation of "values" emails in a single document.


Presuming you will email the Board again, I need your help informing them
about the wiki addition as well as the the call purpose and ground rules


Call Purpose:

1) Select the OWASP Core Values

2) Draft Core Values Definitions

3) List Core Values in Desired Order


Call Process Ground Rules:

1) The 5 Questions for Validating a Core Value will be the reference point
for discussion

2) 30-40 seconds per speaker comment

3) Based on wiki posted data and information through December 23


Please call or email with any questions or desired clarifications. I hope to
encourage Thursday's call and drafting of OWASP Core Values.


Thanks again,
Richard A. (Dick) Tesauro

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Tesauro Management Counselors (TMC)

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