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We need to clarify this!
What is the budget we make available? Besides 'reshuffeling', do we have
extra budget that can be made available on short term?
I see no trace of the decision in the meeting minutes of the last board
meeting http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Minutes_December_6,_2010 or the vote
we did per e-mail?


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Dinis and I talked through the budget last night. My understanding is that
the Board authorized the use of all funds allocated in 2010 but not yet

>From the Board meeting minutes, I have the original budget as:

  - 50k for the OWASP Summit 2011 ** re-allocated to non-attendee expenses
  - . 9k has been approved to proceed and hire Sandra and 6k for
  operational charges.** already allocated to Sandra
  - . 30k pre-approved budget for OWASP Leaders (chapters and projects) -
  starting with 5k Testing Guide, 5k Developer Guide and 5k Testing Guide
  be defined within 30days) ** to be given to Summit
     - up to 500 USD the leader can proactively spend the money (and then
     put the details on the WIKI) ** irrelevant - part of above bullet
     - up to 2500 USD the leader needs to publish the details on the WIKI
     and if there is no comment/issue the expenditure is approved **
     irrelevant - part of above bullet
  - . 9k has been approved to proceed and hire _______ and 6k for
  operational charges for college chapters program. ** to be given to
  - . 10k for project review funds (to be distributed as "OPoints"). OWASP
  Points has been approved for 20 projects reviews. Each project review
  rewards with travel/hotel to come to OWASP conferences ** already
  allocated for Paulo's use
  - . 30k approved for board driven initiatives ** already allocated to

By my count, that is ($30k Leaders Fund) + ($9k + $6k for college chapters
Fund) $45k.  Dinis estimated that about $5k had been spent from the Leader
Fund already leaving $40k as the new attendee budget.

After removing the Board from the Summit expenses, the travel costs for
active global committee members is $18K . That is how I arrived at my
estimate of $22k additional for the Summit. We have an additional extra $2k
allocated to potentially covering accommodations for Paulo/Sandra who are
still deciding whether they will stay. So that is why I said $20k for 10

I know Alison indicated that there was 100k currently "in the bank" so to
speak, but it was not my understanding that those funds "in the bank" would
be given to us - only the funds allocated in 2010 budget but not used (as in
above breakdown).

As I said in my email, the details of the Board's decision is very nebulous.
No one from the Board has officially reached out to the Summit team and
informed us of the exact amount that is being given to us.


On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 3:01 AM, Seba <seba at owasp.org> wrote:

> I though we decided on 100k extra + 15k from the academy chapters ?
> --Seba
> On Wed, Dec 22, 2010 at 7:46 AM, Jason Li <jason.li at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Team,
>> As you know, the Board announced the addition of more funds to the Summit
>> budget.
>> I know details about this mythical new budget have been sketchy - I'm
>> still getting a handle on it myself, but I just wanted to clarify what
>> meant by "Summit Internal Budget".
>> The Board resolution was more complicated than just giving more money to
>> the Summit - we received more money through a series of shifts in budgets
>> and reallocation.
>> My understanding is that the budget reallocation entails the following:
>> - The original 50k Summit budget will instead be re-allocated to Summit
>> operational expenses only (e.g. venue costs, logistical support like
>> administrative costs, wire fees charged by Diplomata, etc). *None* of
>> budget will be used for sponsoring attendee costs.  Note that we will
>> $10k of this budget in reserve as a means of maintaining cash flow.
>> - Board members are no longer sponsored out of the Summit budget
>> - The attendee sponsorship budget will instead be made from the
>> reallocation of all unused 2010 OWASP funds. Based on mailing list
>> my *estimate* of the amount that is leftover is *about* $40k -- though I
>> have *NO* basis for that in fact. I  am awaiting (like everyone else on
>> committee) the numbers from Alison/Paulo to understand how exactly much
>> budget we *actually* have.
>> Between the Board members no longer coming out of our budget, and my
>> *estimate* of the unspent OWASP funds available, I believe the *NET* gain
>> this reallocation is about $22k.
>> We were already in the hole by about $2k based on the projected travel
>> costs of *just* OWASP Staff and *active* existing committee members.  So
>> my $22k estimate is accurate, the new funding would allow us to sponsor
>> additional *10* people (at an average cost of $2,000 a person - which is
>> about what it's looks to be so far).
>> This number is obviously *FAR* short of the total number of people that
>> have requested sponsorship funds. But we've really done everything we can
>> this point to get additional budget from the Board.
>> I think we need to start focusing on encouraging chapter sponsorships and
>> reaching out to corporate sponsors. I apologize that I was not on the
>> this afternoon (working on a client site), so I don't know if this was
>> already brought up.
>> Sarah has been hard at work making Wiki updates to get all the relevant
>> information out there. I plan on composing an email to the Leader's list
>> before the end of this week to explain the situation to our community so
>> they understand what's going on with the Summit.
>> Hopefully that email will spur some community outreach to chapters and
>> corporations.
>> -Jason
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