[Owasp-board] VOTE REQUIRED: Re-allocation of non-used funds from exiting 2010 150K budget to the OWASP Summit 2011

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Dec 20 13:00:34 UTC 2010

Board, please vote on the following item:

*Item: Re-allocation of non-used funds from exiting 2010 150K budget to the
Rational: Any $ from the existing $150, 000 USD 2010 OWASP investment
budget, that is currently (20th Dec 2010) not scheduled to be spent, should
be allocated to cover travel expenses for Summit attendees, for example
OWASP Leaders (the selection criteria is currently being finalized).

This is just an internal financial move, that only affects the funds already
committed to be spent in 2010.

Operational guidelines:

   - The operational budget for the Summit should be the original $50,000
   USD, but should NOT be used to pay for any non-Summit organization team
   participation expenses. This budget should only include expenses such as:
      - Venue costs (currently projected to be $20,000 USD)
      - Sarah Baso cost - Summit Organization team member that is not going
      to the Summit ($2,000 USD)
      - Brazilian Delegation organization 'experiment' (5,000 USD)
      - Design (nothing at the moment)
      - Marketing (nothing at the moment)
      - Extra WIKI Admin help and maybe another Summit Team member (TBD)
      - Extra participant's trips costs (for the cases where we should add a
      bit of extra $100sUSD to the trips so that our Leader doesn't
suffer to much
      getting to the Summit)
      - Other Summit related expenses (for example extra Wifi)
   - The OWASP Board summit participation should come from the 30k OWASP
   Board budget
   - The 'Active Committee' members budget should come from the 30k Fund
   allocated to the leaders
   - Other items that have not been scheduled to be spent by Feb 2011 should
   be allocated to the 'Summit Attendees travel fund'


Dinis Cruz
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