[Owasp-board] (BOARD PLEASE READ) Re-structuring the Summit's financials

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Sun Dec 19 09:49:10 UTC 2010

Ok, we need to make a quick decision on the Summit financials because the
team is starting to freak out, lose energy and make bad decisions (for
example asking our leaders to have a much harsher trip to the Summit just to
save a couple 100USDs). Note that I'm still working on the criteria and
mappings of the ranking system that will help us to prioritize the next
batch of sponsorships (see 2nd sheet in
but we need to make a couple decisions this week.

Here is what I propose (please give me your feedback before I submit an
official VOTE request)

   - The operational budget for the Summit should be the original $50,000
   USD, but should NOT be used to pay for any non-Summit organization team
   participation expenses. This budget should only include expenses such as:
      - Venue costs (currently projected to be $20,000 USD)
      - Sarah Baso cost - Summit Organization team member that is not going
      to the Summit ($2,000 USD)
      - Brazilian Delegation organization 'experiment' (5,000 USD)
      - Design (nothing at the moment)
      - Extra WIKI Admin help and maybe another Summit Team member (TBD)
      - Extra participant's trips costs (for those cases where we should add
      a bit of extra $100sUSD to the trips so that our Leader doesn't suffer to
      much getting to the Summit)
      - Other Summit related expenses (for example extra Wifi)
   - The OWASP Board summit participation should come from the 30k OWASP
   Board budget
   - The 'Active Committee' members budget should come from the 30k Fund
   allocated to the leaders (that has barely been used). It is
   quite interesting and telling that our leaders have not tried to use this
   fund to cover their expenses

At this stage this is just an internal financial move, where basically what
I'm proposing is to readjust the $150,000USD investment plan we set-up to
take into account the Summit.

In fact, I would say that any $ from that 150k, that is currently (19th Dec
2010) not scheduled to be spent, should be allocated to cover travel
expenses from our leaders to the Summit.

There is also the mappings of the Chapters funds that should be competed
soon and should provide more Summit Sponsorship dollars

What do you think? Anybody opposed to this move?

Approving this will make a lot of difference to the Summit team, and will
show them that the OWASP Board is 100% behind the Summit (and as you can see
from one of the emails I forwarded to you, they need a bit of love from you
:)  )

And before you ask, here is where we are in terms of Summit Sponsorships

   - As you can see
there are already 17 participants whose expenses are covered by their
   employees (and I expect this number to grow significantly since we are
   getting to a point where there is starting to be peer-pressure between
   participant's companies to cover their own employees costs :)  )
   - We have created the multiple sponsorships packages and there have been
   already a number of contacts interested:
   - The Wikipedia type funding-drive idea is almost ready, see here for the
   first 'personal request' by Jeff (with more to come)


Dinis Cruz
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