[Owasp-board] 74k End of Year Budget/Accounting

Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Dec 14 20:58:12 UTC 2010

Don't know if VOTE is the best way to suggest this however do we all support the end-of-year reconcile of OWASP Foundation funds giving chapter the option of assignment of funds for 2011 needs of chapter operations and or donate to the summit general fund.  In the end funds are annual so use them for owasp locally or globally.  Read from the bottom up.  The context here is that in NY I have 4k in funds - so lets take 2k for 2011 Q1 and I know that we will have more funds coming in renewals and new memberships.  I am going to allocate $500 per chapter leader towards the summit.  If they can't go or will not use the money it gets released to the general fund for summit to help someone get to the summit.

Not that complex.. no need to be squirrel chapters and horde money - use it for the mission.  After the email we make it the policy as a annual sweep for accounting purposes.

Discussion / Yes / No (Considering that this moves in my estimate about 40k of the 74k we need majority here folks, already have support of several chapters and committee members on it as air cover in concept.

On Dec 14, 2010, at 3:17 PM, Kate Hartmann wrote:

> My reply via Skype after Spell Check.
> [3:10:08 PM] Tom Brennan: do you have any issues with the logistics of this?
> [3:13:24 PM] Kate Hartmann: logistics....no, not
> really....however....considering the debates on the other lists, do you
> think this is the right way to handle this right now?  With the chapter
> screaming that they need more money, i would think twice (or at least gather
> a frontline defense) before i told them what to do with their funds they
> already have.  it seems counterproductive to me
> [3:13:36 PM] Kate Hartmann: i would like to see a deadline further out in
> the future
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> Subject: 74k End of Year Budget/Accounting
> (here is the draft)
> *Action Required - CHAPTER LEADERS *
> Take a look at there own chapter allocation bucket of funds from the 60/40
> membership split and we need you to do some end of year planning to close
> out the year.  
> Question:
> What do you need for 2011 Q1?
> Question:
> Who are you sending as your regional / chapter as a delegate to the OWASP
> Summit?
> You can easily release  OWASP funds to the forthcoming summit, simply email
> alison at owasp.org with your chapter and the amount - no communication from
> you chapter assumes that you want to release them all back to OWASP for
> end-of-year accounting - please respond by December 31st 2010 if there is a
> different allocation.
> More information on the summit:
> http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Summit_2011#tab=Venue  more information on
> the committees  http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Global_Committee_Pages

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