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See below the follow-up email sent by Michael, after we spoke on the phone
last night

Dinis Cruz

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I got some great feedback from Dinis and he also highlighted a few items I
had forgotten about:

Another dimension of the "honorary membership" was to officially identify
the leaders in OWASP and provide benefits for all the hard work they've
contributed to their project / OWASP overall.  These benefits include:

- Free attendance at OWASP Conferences
- Free training as space permits at Conference training events
- Use of discretionary funds for OWASP related items

The fact that these items were overlooked indicates another issue - we need
to update the membership page with this info!  Expect a whole new beta page
of info soon. There are lots of new items!

With the above in mind, the issue is a little more complex.  I don't want to
eliminate the above benefits at all. They are a great perk and an advantage
to move forward.  But we still have some tough issues to tackle.

1. The issue that has brought about discussion of "honorary memberships" is
its value and the active maintenance of this distinction.  For this to work
at all, we need a scalable model that will keep this info up to date.  When
approach is to flip the model from centralized to distributed.  Instead of a
committee reviewing all of the potential leaders and determine everything
they've done, we could instead ask everyone that is interested to complete a
form indicating what they've done for OWASP/OWASP project/ local chapter /
committee in the past 6 months. Then we just evaluate this data as it comes
in.  Just an idea, but we need something that works with minimal effort if
we want this idea to stay.

2.  Looking for other's thoughts: What is required to be officially an OWASP
member? Does either one qualify or should paying $50 be the only factor?
Will it leave a bad taste in someone's mouth if they contribute extensive
time to a project but don't wish to pay $50 per year and thus can't claim to
be an "official" member? Or should $50 be just another way to support OWASP
(instead of the donation of your expertise/time)?

Looking forward to other's thoughts.


Michael Coates

On Dec 10, 2010, at 10:32 AM, Tom Brennan wrote:

> I support this for the professional association Michael as written.
> This is the current list:
> Something as simple as you must also be a member to be a board member,
global committee member, project leader, chapter leader etc.. should also be
required IMHO we have our own internal ecosystem.
> On Dec 10, 2010, at 1:15 PM, Michael Coates wrote:
>> Let's get this discussion moving.  Originally honorary memberships were
created to recognize those individuals that had contributed their time and
effort to OWASP and to also ensure they had voting rights for our first
board election.
>> They have now expired. The question is what to do with honorary
memberships now.
>> My vote is to eliminate them.
>> Here' why:
>> - Yes, many people donate time and effort towards OWASP. However, there
is no easy way to draw a line in the sand to determine who should get an
honorary membership.
>> - Memberships are priced at $50 per year. Compare this with other
professional organizations - ISACA US $165, ACM $99
>> - If as leaders, we can't lead by example, then why should anyone listen
to our recommendation to become a member themselves? 1000 other people have
decided to purchase membership.
>> - Honorary memberships are another logistical issue that requires use of
our limited resources
>> Why be a member:
>> - Support the mission
>> - Help fund projects / conferences
>> - Financial contribution to help the organization that has helped you
>> - Voting Rights
>> Note: Membership is not required for anything. All information is free.
 However, membership does grant you discounts to conferences and is required
to cast votes for any OWASP related voting issues.
>> This issue will be decided at the OWASP Global Membership Committee
Meeting on December 21. Please provide comments as soon as possible.
>> Michael Coates
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