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Board, please see below the email I sent to the membership committee earlier
today, where (I think) I present a good explanation about what we are trying
to do, and cover the complex important dynamics at play here.


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Michael and Dan (since you are the only two official members of this

As you (hopefully) know but now, we are doing a 'winter-cleaning' of our
Committees with the view that we need to remove Committee members that have
NOT been actively involved in Committee for the last 6 to 12 months. This is
part of the organization re-alignment that we are doing at OWASP, with the
Summit being the place were the final action plan(s) will be mapped (we also
can expect that there will be a significant number of new Committee members
that will join in at the Summit)

So in order to have some objectivity in this process (and due to the fact
that OWASP is covering Summit's expenses for the Committee members) a couple
months ago, we sent out a survey that asked the Committee members to review
their past contributions:

The results kind of (with some exceptions) matched the current perceived
levels of participations on the multiple committees (for reference there
were 16 committee members that didn't reply)

One of those that didn't reply was Dan :)

And here is the current situation, which I need to clarify (note that each
Board member is assigned to a committee, and I'm assigned this quarter to
this one)

Although Dan didn't reply to the survey, he has been a semi-active member of
this Committee right? From my past experience in dealing with this committee
I think it is fair to say that Michael has been more involved, but Dan's was
always there and did actively participated in some of the discussion and
conference calls.

On the other hand, this committee has lacked (for a while now) a serious
challenge or 'problem to solve' , so it is probably not fair to penalize
such lack of committee activity, since there was not 'a lot to do'

Another important point is that *Dan is a massive OWASP leader and does a
LOT for OWASP in a number other areas *(outside this committee) *and he
absolutely falls into the category that should (if required) be sponsored to
go to the Summit *(note that we currently don't have an approved budget for
OWASP leaders participation)*.*


My questions to you Dan are (and Michael and others please also comment):

1) do you still want to be a OWASP Global Membership Committee member?
2) can you make it to the OWASP Summit?
3) if so, do you need OWASP to cover your expenses (estimated at 2000 USD)
4) if so, do you feel that your past 6 to 12 months contributions would put
you into the 'Active Committee' member category that would entitle you to be
funded by OWASP (*note that your other OWASP contributions will also entitle
you to be sponsored*, BUT, that is a separate discussion and more
importantly, note that we (OWASP) currently don't have budget
approved/available to cover for OWASP Leaders participation (where we have
already budget allocated to pay for the Active Committee members

Dinis Cruz
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