[Owasp-board] Free OWASP Top 10 Training online

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Fri Dec 10 14:43:59 UTC 2010

I understand he wants OWASP branding for the event, but would this effort
become an OWASP project?


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I sat in on Ivan Butler's talk at AppSec DC and spoke with him afterward.
In our conversation, I found out he runs Hacking-Lab
(http://hacking-lab.com/) and he's interested in working with OWASP.

He has a Live CD with a pre-configured VPN connection to a controlled attack
network.  This started at a University in Europe and is free.

For students, they use the Live CD and VPN log in with same creds that work
on the hacking-lab.com website.  They can post their answers to challenges
on the website which are queued to instructors.

For instructors, they have a queue of answers which they can award full, no
or partial credit for the answer provided.  They also have full details of
the challenges both the problem and how to solve it.

In our talk, he noted interest in collaborating with OWASP on some events
(which is a collection of challenges) - they easily have enough challenges
to cover the OWASP Top 10 and could likely cover 90 to 100% of the OWASP
Testing Guide.

He'd like to brand the event with OWASP logo's etc.  He'd also like help
reviewing the challenges and proof-reading the English in the
problems/solutions.  The ones I read were fine but he'd like native English
speakers to review them.

This could be a huge win for OWASP.  I'd like to get this guy to the Summit
in Feb to talk about collaborating with OWASP.


Below is the email I received from Ivan yesterday:

On 12/08/2010 09:59 AM, Ivan Buetler wrote:
> Hi Matt,
> Sorry for not coming back earlier, was/am quite busy at the time. If 
> interested, we would like to open an OWASP TOP 10 online training in 
> Hacking-Lab. We are thinking of a training with the following 
> pre-conditions
> * OWASP top 10 training (all cases are covered)
> * Trainer feature for some well-known, trustworthy OWASP members
> * Access to the solution videos of the OWASP TOP 10 issues
> * Branding the OWASP Hacking-Lab Event in an OWASP-style
> * OWASP Certificate for those receiving full points to all lab cases
> What do you think about such a collaboration? Let me know if this is 
> interesting for OWASP.
> Ivan

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