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dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Fri Dec 10 12:32:34 UTC 2010

FYI, here is the final proposal for the Brazilian 'events management'
company that we (OWASP) are going to contract to help with the Summit

This is an experiment to see if this kind of action works, and it follows
Marta (from Anggulo) amazing performance at the Brazilian AppSec (on that
case her fees were paid by one of our sponsors (the CPQD who was also
sponsoring the venue))

There is already a very long history on this idea (with massive emails
thread in UK/Portuguese fine tuning the details) and I've talked with Jeff
last week about it, so he is fully briefed.

I've already committed the OWASP's 5000 USD to this (Alison this is part of
the 'Board Budget') and if you have any major questions of worries about
this, please ping me directly (phone/IM) and I'll answer them

Dinis Cruz

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From: Marta Pegorelli <marta at anggulo.com.br>
Date: 10 December 2010 12:12
Subject: new opportunity
To: dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org>
Cc: Lucas Ferreira <lucas.ferreira at owasp.org>

Hi Dinis,

Ânggulo specializes in corporate events based on a solid background and
capacity for realization. We operate in a wide range of formats from small
custom insertions to full event management, including project intelligence
and strategy and recruitment of teams for national and international events.

Our most recent experience comprised a delegation of almost 100
participants, including representatives of the government, the academic
world, companies and institutions that travelled to Cascais, Portugal, in
June 2010.  For more information, please visit:

We had the pleasure of learning more about OWASP during the logistics
planning of AppSec Brazil 2010, held on 16 to 19/11/10 in Campinas, SP,
Brazil. On this occasion, we collaborated with other planning actions of the
event and established a positive relationship with local and global leaders.

A new opportunity has arisen: “*OWASP Summit Brazilian Delegation*” – A
wonderful challenge!

In light of the invitation to coordinate the recruitment activities, please
find our work proposal based on the panorama below, considering that we must
work with total transparency to prevent expectations that go beyond real


·         Our goal is to take government, academic and company

·          SUMMIT 2011 is a work meeting where participants are not mere
listeners. They must have knowledge and an appropriate profile to truly

·         It is an international event that demands time for planning and
internal negotiations of the interested parties;

·         Requests for funding and temporary absence at some Brazilian
public institutions must be made well in advance. The event will be held in
60 days, and only 40 working days!

·         In Brazil, this period is quite complicated due to closure of the
year, festivities and the start of summer holidays, especially of government
and academic representatives;

·         The country is undergoing a change of government, 1/1/2011 for the
executive power (president and governors) and 1/2/2011 for the legislative
power, which can cause serious difficulties for indications and clearance in
adequate time.

·         Brazil has still not perceived the real importance of this subject
and does not count on a large number of specialists and opinion-makers in
the area, which reinforces the need for establishing this issue as a norm
and highlighting the efforts of OWASP in promoting effective actions, but
significantly narrows our possibility of prospection.

In acknowledgment of these facts on behalf of OWASP, we accept the challenge
and agree to put all our efforts into finding possible participants. Below,
some important considerations:

In view of the presented panorama, we cannot assure a minimal number of
participants, but will target our work to meet the requirement of 1
representative per category: government, academia and corporate, thus
continuing onto 2 or 3 representatives per sector, or more, whichever is
possible in this time frame.

It is important to define the target audience in each category. For example,
in the case of government, do we want representatives of technical
institutions to internally implement applications security goals or
regulatory authorities capable of affecting the market or part of it? In the
case of the academic world, do we need technicians and specialists in the
sector or managers capable of promoting studies, research and new courses?
In the company category, do we want managers that are decision-makers to
provide a new outlook on the need for applications security or specialists
that contribute with technical and specific issues?

“*OWASP Summit Brazilian Delegation*” will be coordinated by Anggulo and
supported by two local leaders of OWASP and the event planning committee.

All Brazilian participants must proceed in the same manner, and will be
linked to a Brazil procedure to be proposed by Anggulo and approved by

As there are various foreseen cases for OWASP sponsorship for regional and
project leaders, among others, a list of Brazilians that can be sponsored
must be submitted immediately, regardless of confirmation or clearance of
funds for this purpose.

Invitations will be sent to the target audience, without the need for broad
media coverage of the event to generate visibility and credibility, enabling
approvals and clearance from companies and institutions.

A global press release should be the basis for coverage of the event in
Brazil. We suggest the use of mass media in relation to hackers and
invasions to systems deemed safe.

The website should be translated to Portuguese to enable access of other
parties involved in coverage, approval and clearance of the invited

The website opens the possibility for full or partial sponsorship based on a
request of the interested party, therefore this possibility must have clear
criteria according to the special importance of the participant that will be
sponsored in relation to event objectives and the impossibility of
participation due to lack of funding. The request should be subject to our
approval and indication (Anggulo and local OWASP support) to prevent all
parties from requesting sponsorship and problems in the recruitment process.

Other items that are not specified in this proposal may be discussed in due

We thank you for this opportunity and hope this event will be conducted

I await your prompt response.

Best regards,

[image: Logo ânggulo_red]

*Marta Pegorelli*

Ânggulo Eventos

19 3231.5778

19 9114.0309
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