[Owasp-board] CD rates?

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Mon Dec 6 21:07:55 UTC 2010

I liked the clarification that Dinis provided in the Board meeting today:
It's not so much about "investing" the funds to earn interest as it is
figuring out how much we have available to spend.


So, if we take this approach, and pull this $200K out of circulation, then
the idea is to have a better idea of what the potential investments into our
chapter leaders, local leaders, and projects can be.


Considering that we really will not benefit too much from squirreling away
our funds, we may want to work on the Dinis method of budgeting and
investing.  Moving the funds to the Money Market would provide a bit more
interest, but shelter us from having to move so much into an "untouchable"
account for 4 years.


We can keep an eye on the interest rates and when things improve, we can
revisit the idea.


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The link you sent me the other day
ds=37> &prods=37) definitely had the best rates.  SB and Citi both only had
around .4% for up to 3 year CDs.   Citi had a 1% CD, but that is for 4 years
which I think is kind of long to have our money tied up.  I also think that
$200k is kind of high to put into a CD, especially if the local chapters
start using their funds ( we currently have $78k due to local chapters).  


Kate and I had talked about just moving all of the funds to our Citi Money
Market (we would get .4%), so the money would be more easily accessible if
we needed it.  Then maybe when the interest rates get better we could
re-evaluate.  What do you think about that?


Alison Shrader


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Subject: CD rates?


What rates are you looking at? USAA has rates slightly over 1% if that's
better than other places.



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