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Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Fri Dec 3 19:46:12 UTC 2010

I had someone ask me today what's up for vote in 2011?  I was embarrassed
that I did not know the answer.


Hoping this will be cleared up on Monday so it can be added to the Summit


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Thank you - this provides visibility into the regional demographics for next

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Attached is a spreadsheet with all of our paid individual members, honorary
members, and corporate members.  Because you wanted this info for a 2011
election, I pulled the data for all memberships starting in January 2010
until the then of November (when I pulled the report).  There are 3 separate
spreadsheets for each type of membership.  These are all sorted in
alphabetical order by last name..but you can change this if you want to see
the info by local chapter.    The last spreadsheet shows each country we
have members in, with the total individual and honorary members in that
country.  I did not include the corporate memberships in this b/c this data
is not as complete in salesforce.   If you need more detailed info on the
corporate members, I can try to pull that together.but it will not be by the
meeting on Monday.  I wanted to send you what I have so you would have some
info for the board meeting.


Alison Shrader


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Subject: Membership - Locations



I need a updated membership status report broken down by:
-Paid Individual Members
-Honorary Individual Members

The report should be broken down as:

Country(FLAG) -->  Regional Chapters with total members per chapter
including name, phone, email, expiration date etc..

All Corporate members should be listed with associated home chapter

Any "Barter or do not pay a annual membership fee recorded as a credit on
the general ledger should be noted as such.
With the 2011 elections coming up and 2011 planning we need a accurate count
to start with. Please take a look at your calendar and let us know when I
could expect it this detailed report.

Thanks in advance - call me with any questions 973-202-0122

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