[Owasp-board] November 2010 Membership Numbers

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Wed Dec 1 20:17:46 UTC 2010

I have contacted Gotham Digital Science and will keep everyone posted on
their status.


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Total Number of Individual Memberships: 1168

New Memberships: 112

Renewals: 8

Lost memberships (did not renew): 94

        Income from Individual  Memberships: $6000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $1900

Profit from Individual Memberships: $4100

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 41

New Memberships: 2 (Applied Trust, ADP)

Renewals: 1 (Mnemonic)

Lost memberships (did not renew): 1 (Gotham Digital Science)

Income from Corporate Memberships: $15000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $6000

Profit from Corporate Memberships: $9000

Total Profit: $13,100




Alison Shrader


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