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Mon Aug 30 06:38:58 UTC 2010

Yap, let's cover it at the board meeting

One question, is AppSec DC going to use the same location/venue as last
year? Isn't that too expensive? We must avoid another 'Australia type loss'

Dinis Cruz

On 27 August 2010 21:08, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> Fyi - I think we all should review this and play a active role in the end
> result. Item for the next board meeting as this is not only a committee
> issue but a board issue to ensure is part of the operational plan.
> Btw I support appsec dc as a annual owasp event. I was very impressed with
> the independent vendor agnostic approach of the team last year.
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> *From: * Doug Wilson <doug.wilson at owasp.org>
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> *Cc: *Mark Bristow<mark.bristow at owasp.org>
> *Subject: *Possible Help on leads for AppSecDC
> Tom,
> I hope this finds you well.
> With the unfortunate "division" that seems to have occured within some
> parts of OWASP about doing two large events in the US this year, we're
> having to change our tactics a little bit. I still have no doubt that we are
> going to have a bang-up event, but a lot of the traditional OWASP sponsors
> (mostly small, very app-sec-focused companies) have either committed AppSec
> US and have no other money available, OR they didn't even know about our
> event, due to it not being communicated as well or as widely by OWASP as the
> US event has been.
> I'd rather not focus on the negative, but let this be water under the
> bridge, and focus on how we are going to pull off a world-class event again.
> The issues this year are forcing us to evolve into what we wanted to become
> a little faster than we'd hoped, but it may be all for the best in the long
> run. We are aggressively targeting the fed this year, rather than just
> having it be an ideal goal In the down time since last year, Mark and I have
> built up our contacts in some parts of the government more, and are going to
> have input from several of the heads of the software assurance forum this
> year, so we have people from DoD, DHS, NIST, and (off the record NSA)
> contributing this year, and helping to publicize the event. We're also
> reaching out through other channels to talk to other government agencies who
> are concerned with software assurance (which really should be all of them),
> but are not directly involved in the SwA Forum.
> The only downside with this is that government organizations will
> contribute resources, but they can not (legally or ethically) contribute
> money. We've already got about $40K of sponsors signed or near signed, but
> we need more. So, we are moving our ideal sponsor vision beyond the
> traditional OWASP "small appsec company" to entities that are more in line
> with the federal application security space. However, these larger
> organizations are much bigger, harder to get penetration on, and take a lot
> longer to get responses out of. So we're having to do more work in less time
> on the sponsorship front this year.
> This is where (hopefully) you come in. Kate suggested that we reach out to
> you, with your depth of contacts and knowledge, and see if you had
> suggestions or wanted to chase down leads with any of the many traditional
> contracting companies out there. We have a few where we have some inroads
> (SAIC for one), but with most of them, we're starting out with only a few
> contacts from past jobs, and you may have ideas on better approaches or
> already have contacts with these entities.
> Please let me know if you're interested in helping grow OWASP's
> relationship with the federal sector here -- we'd appreciate any help that
> you can give, be it from directing us to contacts versus running down leads
> yourself. If you'd like to set up a call at some point with me and Mark to
> discuss, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Doug
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