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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Sat Aug 28 19:59:31 UTC 2010

I'm encouraged by this. The Sweden conference did amazingly well, at just
about $100K profit (out of $206K income), which is amazing. I suspect that
it will actually outdo the U.S. Conference this. So we may hit our $130K
conference profit target in 2010, just not the way we thought we would.




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P&L with recent numbers

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Hi Dinis,


Attached are the Balance Sheet and P&L for all of 2010 up until today.  Do
you want these for just the first quarter, or first half of the year as


Alison Shrader


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Columbia, MD 21046


alison.shrader at owasp.org



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Hi Alison


Can you send me the Balance Sheet/P&L for:


  - beginning of 2010

  - most up-to-date version


If you don't have these ready, just sent me the closest ones you have for
those dates

Dinis Cruz


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