[Owasp-board] (Proposal) 2 free passes for each training class at conferences

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Thu Aug 26 14:19:51 UTC 2010

I can't find the note that proposed this, but I think it's a good idea (if
it was your idea, please shout out J).


Someone proposed that we include in the training contract with OWASP
conference training providers that OWASP can reserve 2 free slots per class
to assign to OWASP leaders. I think that is a good idea, and a good
compromise between giving things away for free, and losing funding for


We won't be giving away a flood of free classes, but those we do give away
aren't likely to cost OWASP much if any money. There may be times where some
leader might have paid to attend anyway, but overall I think this is a good


I'd like your vote on this compromise, and I, of course vote Yes.


If we agree, we should propose it to the conferences committee to get their
buy in.




p.s. if we agree to do this, I think we should 'ask' all training providers
for the OWASP Irvine, Ireland, and DC events if they will agree to this
modification. They don't have to, but we will also indicate that this will
be 'required' for future events.  And for those that agree, we should figure
out a system for offering these free slots to OWASP leaders (however we
define those J ).

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