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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Tue Aug 24 19:46:54 UTC 2010

For the upcoming OWASP USA conference as part of Jeff's keynote I think it
is time time to thank individuals around the world for there investment of
labor, time and evangelism seeing that this is our BIG event that has press,
blog etc.. coverage.

I propose that we carve out a little time at the kick off and stir the pot
with a announcement to leaders-list / update the event agenda with 2010
AppSec Awards will be happening

The criteria for award should in first round simply be US thinking of 12
people to call out and award.  If they are at the event GREAT if they are
not still recognize them and mail it, we can refine this for 2011

*Award Categories*
OWASP Best USA 2010 Presentation (people get to cast (1) vote)
OWASP Member Individual - Conference
OWASP Member Individual - Education
OWASP Member Individual - Projects
OWASP Member Individual - Membership
OWASP Member Individual - Industry
OWASP Member Individual - Connections
OWASP Most Active Chapter
Contributing Industry Individual (does not need to be a OWASP member)
Contributing Industry Company (must be a owasp supporter)
Supporting Government / Agency
Supporting Educational University

$50/$600+ bucks we can get them in CA or order them:

http://www.crownawards.com/StoreFront/indexmain.html  or i work with these
guys around the corner from me here www.dmcpromotions.com

What I need:
We need some recommendations from each of you to make this happen give me a
call 973-506-9303 or email thoughts - how can this be BAD for OWASP?
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