[Owasp-board] Which OWASP leaders would you charge 500USD (of thefull price of training)

dinis cruz dinis.cruz at owasp.org
Mon Aug 23 19:46:56 UTC 2010

I agree 100% Tom that we need "...a true cost model for chapter
leaders/project leaders (members) and a value to labor/effort etc..." , in
fact that is what I'm trying to create here

But you didn't answer the question I asked :)

Which ones would you charge TODAY to attend an training course at an OWASP

Dinis Cruz

On 23 August 2010 20:43, Tom Brennan <tomb at owasp.org> wrote:

> I support a true cost model for chapter leaders/project leaders (members)
> and a value to labor/effort etc.
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> Here is an interesting question, assuming that we would charge our
> leaders for attending an OWASP Training session the 'OWASP true cost'
> of 300USD/500 USD (since charging them full price would be even more
> scandalous), can you honestly look in the eyes of an OWASP leader and
> ask him for the money?
> To help you visualise this problem here are a couple examples: Matteo
> (Testing Guide), Bruce M (WebGoat), Rogan (WebScarab), John W
> (Stockholm), Andrew vd S (Developer Guide), Sebastien (France)
> ...would you???? what do you think they would say?
> Ok, maybe they are too 'historical' and have a big past at OWASP.
> What about our current committee members? (Jason, Brad, Colin, David
> Campbell, Nishi, Martin, Justin, R'Snake, Cassio , etc...).
> ...really??? ... would you charge them 500USD for a ticket? Do you
> want to take a bet on what would be their answer and how motivated
> they would be to continue to work on OWASP??
> What about the guys to bust their guts in organising previous
> successful OWASP conferences
> Are you going to say NO to a AppSec DC key organiser that wants to pop
> in to Irvine?
> And the fact that we never promised them a ticket is NOT relevant.
> What matters is the RESPECT we have for our leaders (which is why
> there is a world of difference when the answer is ".. hey owasp
> leader, thanks for your query ... I would love to do that, but our
> budget of XXX USD for that type of support at that conference is
> currently taken by the X leaders that have already registered ... can
> you please give me a couple weeks to see how the conference numbers
> are shaping up to see if I can squezze you in?...." (even if the
> ultimate answer is NO, that is a much better way to handle the
> foundation of our community)). Remember that the conference cost is
> ONLY one of the costs the leader has to pay (there is also flight,
> accommodation, local transport and (in the case of a lot of our
> leaders) lost income/holiday days).
> What about the board members, do they also have to pay?
> Ok, so assuming that you would not have the guts to say to all (or
> some) of the leaders I already mentioned that they would have to pay
> (specially at a conference that will make a nice profit), then...
> ...where will you draw the line?
> who will you say NO to?
> ...to Tony???? Who is now super motivated in kick staring the 'Bring
> an Developer to an OWASP conference...." idea, and will most likely be
> the personal host of the developers we manage to at track to that
> conference?
> That is really a great way to motivate him....
> And if your answer is "... well we really should have a better way to
> rate our leaders and map the ones that are currently doing outstanding
> work..."  then BINGO you just found the reason why having these
> 'perks' are so important for OWASP. Amongst other things they will
> force us to be much more diligent and focused on:
>  -  WHO is an OWASP Leader
>  -  HOW they get there, and
>  - WHAT they have to do to stay there
> Dinis
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