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Hi Alison (board see below the result of the latest meeting of the team that
is currently focused on organizing the next OWASP Summit)

When are you going to have ready the current financial state of OWASP and
how we are for the 2010 budget.

We need to commit ASAP (after a vote of course) a budget for the Summit (my
proposal is 50K) and we need to have visibility into our accounts in order
to be able to do make that decision.


Dinis Cruz

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Notes from todays call :

Present - Martin, John, Lorna, Justin

1) Dagstuhl has replied and are not available. They could be a good venue
for future, more. Sebastien (France) is looking for a venue close to Paris.
Proposed US site is very small.

2) Summit wiki page is up (John).

3) To follow up with Dinis on whether this was presented to the board or not

4) Should we have the browser day attached to another event? AppSec Europe
or AppSec US?

5) Things we need to sort out

a) board commitment
b) agreement on the dates
c) do we want to co-locate?

6) Without knowing where we are with board support, we're in a holding
pattern. If we can, perhaps we can coopt the Connection Committee call next
Tuesday otherwise in two weeks. Justin to follow up with Dinis regarding
status with the board

7) Please contribute to the Summit wiki pages!

8) John and Justin to see whether there is interest at the major browsers in
a browser security day. Also, consider how we pitch it to them - "how do we
go about securing HTML5 and CSS3" - OWASP as a neutral party or host

Next meeting: currently booked in at 1 September, 8pm UTC (do we want to
move this?) - 4pm EST, 9pm BST, 10pm CEST

On 4 Aug 2010, at 23:51, Martin Knobloch wrote:

1) we are those who organize the next Summit
Justin Clarke, justin.clarke at owasp.org
Dinis Cruz, dinis.cruz at owasp.org
 Lorna Alamri, Lorna.Alamri at owasp.org
John Wildander, john.wilander at owasp.org
 Brad Causey, bradcausey at owasp.org
Martin Knobloch, martin.knobloch at owasp.org
2) the summit is an annual event
3) outside OWASP conference
4) the summit should take place in January not later then begin of February
5) the summit takes 3 to 4 days
6) budget aim is US$ 150'000 US$ where 50'000 from OWASP and US$100'000 from
7) attendees targets are:
OWASP Funded:
- Board
- Committee Members
 Chapter / sponsor Funded:
- Chapter Leaders
- Project Leaders
8) venue / location criteria (no decision on the venue)
- 1 key organizer in close contact with the venue
- hosting 30 to 100 people
 - US$2'000 a head (flight/accommodation/food/beers)
- conference facilities
 - multiple meeting rooms
- one big meeting room e.g. auditorium
- hotel with the conference facilities or conference venue within walking
 - apartments if possible (to share apartments/rooms and save money)
- 4 to 5 star hotel
 - local food supplier for apartment crashing
- has to be negotiated with the hotel
 - max 50 km's form international airport
- sufficient Internet access!
 - if possible

Success factors (what indicates the summit as success)
 - break even
- the summits are the place to go to discus about and working on Web
Application Security
 - review of the past year
- working sessions on committees, projects and industry sectors
 e.g. browsers and frameworks
- universities / education sessions
- committee member election
 - board election
- strategic OWASP issues
- road map and action plans for the next 12 month

Local Summit:
- The conferences are free to organize small, conference bound summit
- this are not sponsored by OWASP of OWASP summit budget
 - we do not interfere, support or sabotage
- AppSec-DC Summit
Summit Wiki:
Martin: setup the summit wiki and do the initial filling
 Venue option
Martin: http://www.dagstuhl.de/en/about-dagstuhl/
 Lorna: http://www.franconiainn.com/
Dinis: Portugal option
Dinis: OWASPSummit.org
 Next meeting:
July 19th, 10 pm GMT+1


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