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Wed Aug 18 17:34:13 UTC 2010

Hi Board

As you know, part of my OWASP/O2 tour involved the presentation of a funding
model for O2's development and commercial support to companies that decide
to use it in their practices (model that (once finalized) should also be
adopted by other OWASP projects so that they have their own independent
development revenue streams).

I have now completed a first pass at this model (taking into account the
feedback from our leaders) and am starting to present it to the companies
that are the best fit for O2 and that can get the most value from it.

As you can see below  there are a number of companies (like Cigital and
Denim Group) that are trying to figure out how to adopt O2 and use it at
their practices.

Attached is the presentation that I completed yesterday which contains the
details of the best engagement models between O2 and Security Consulting
Companies or Internal Security Groups (during the tour I also meet with a
couple 'paying clients' that would like to use O2 internally at their

Below is the email I just sent Cigital following the number of meetings I
had with them on Monday and Tuesday.

Let me know if you have any concerns about this or if you feel I should
modify the message.

Note that I'm trying to be very clear that this is not an OWASP driven
activity (I still need to figure out (and present here) the best way to
present this officially at OWASP's website)

Btw, I have a LOT of feedback about OWASP from the multiple chapter and
leaders I meet. I will try to document those next week

Dinis Cruz

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Subject: O2 Platform - Commercial Services Presentation

Hi ...

Thanks for the time you were able to spend on with me and O2. I believe that
now you have a much beter a better picture of  where O2 fits in Cigital's
world and where O2 can help with its operations and delivery capabilities

Attached is the Presentation I showed John Wyatt and Sammy Migues yesterday,
which contains my preferred engagement model beween me/O2 and Cigital.

Ideally Cigital would buy one of the subscriptions (Gold for 15,000 or
Silver for 5,000 USD) and also support the development of one of the O2
Pledges (either the whole amount or partially).

This would allow the creation of the first 'Customized version of O2 for
Cigital' and send a powerful message (both internally and externally) of
Cigital's commitment on O2.

I'm due to launch a new version of O2 next week (with tons of new features)
so it would be great to also announce a list of companies that have
signed-up for an O2 subscription.

Let me know if you have any further questions or need more information.

Best regards

Dinis Cruz
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