[Owasp-board] Global OWASP Survey

Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Sun Aug 15 15:48:07 UTC 2010

I am working on the the OWASP Global Survey that we have spoke about


Take a look at what we have and I am going to want input from the
board and the persons of each global committee.

The outcome we want to have is:

1. Measure how many of the "21,000 people on mailing lists" care
enough to complete this
2. Measure how many of the  1000 paid members care enough to complete this
3. Identify areas of general satisfaction, complacency and concern
based on metrics
4. Invoke feedback and demonstrate a governance model of "Governed by
rough consensus"
5. Will be update and match to our back-office system (salesforce)
6. We will be able to publish question and answer results statical information
7. Allow each committee to develop 5 questions to help them shape the
mission and goals for 201x
8. We can leverage results and use them for forthcoming summits etc.
9. <insert> ;)

Monday will be available for the call if we are having one Kate?  P

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