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Tom, jeff, dave, dinis, seba, matt

This may be a stupid question

The O2 subscription service is a nice touch but.............

Seen as the subscription includes OWASP membership and tickets for
conferences I assume this is OWASP endorsed but the site says:

"Note that this is NOT a service provided by OWASP and the OWASP foundation
has no direct involvement or responsibility in the delivery or fulfillment
of these subscriptions"

If it is not OWASP can O2 "sell" OWASP membership?


On 10 August 2010 15:18, dinis cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hi
> Yesterday I just posted/bloged about one of the final pieces of the O2
> Platform business model: An subscription model for companies that wish to
> provide commercial services around O2 and need proper support from the O2
> Platform main developers.
> You can read the details here
> http://diniscruz.blogspot.com/2010/08/new-o2-subscription-model.html and
> as with the O2 Pledges (http://o2platform.com/wiki/O2_Pledges) this is a
> first experiment at trying to create a funding model for Open Source
> development (which should eventually be replicated by a number of other
> OWASP projects)
> As you will see in the the Subscription model, I added a number of
> OWASP-related-items since I think that it should be easier for companies to
> join OWASP as member if they do it via active participation on an OWASP
> Project
> I also think (please confirm) that what I'm proposing is 100% compatible
> with OWASP's values and licensing model (all code is open and the only
> 'closed items' are either customer specific (and most likely could never be
> published anyway) or are 'time sensitive')
> Let me know what you think
> Dinis Cruz
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