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Mon Aug 9 13:13:51 UTC 2010

I have been moved to the Connections comittee but I still believe Industry
is where OWASP can "win big".

One idea I have on my proposal list is an the OWASP Annual Application
Security Survey. (OAASS)

I would like a medium length survey to be send to CIO's, Technical Leads,
Lead Developers, Project Managers etc in order to understand their viewpoint
on AppSec in general, where are they seeing the major issues, be it a skills
issue or financial or other.

(in order to get a decent amount of responses) Respondents would get a free
ticket to a local/regional OWASP event for doing the survey. we could grow
this into inviting them to an Industry summit if this takes off??

1.Primary task to do is develop/define questions which actually capture the
topics we wish to focus on.: A mix of OWASP specific and App Sec/dev generic
questions would be required

2. Identify respondents and contact them such that we are not sending them
unsolicited survey requests.


On 6 August 2010 11:34, Yiannis Pavlosoglou <yiannis at owasp.org> wrote:

> Hello all,
> Following a nice meeting we had with Colin here in London, one of the
> topics on the agenda was the efforts of the GIC, what we are up to and
> how we can get better at what we do.
> It seems that we have established version 1.0 and are operating quite
> smoothly in some areas; its also time to revisit our basis of a
> Standard Operating Procedure, going into 2011.
> On this premise, I intend to contact each member individually next
> week and have a little one-to-one, in order to collect feedback, see
> what we can improve what you guys want to change, etc.
> Obviously, you can also use this thread for generic comments, need be.
> It seems that we have achieved a lot, but also have a lot of work
> coming our away; so it's time to bolt-down and transform how we
> operate in, perhaps a newer, better 2.0 version.
> Thank you,
> Yiannis
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