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Yes - I think that's a good idea.  I was just trying to think ahead about
what would really make a difference that we could do together.  I think
there's an opportunity to get aligned behind some standards that we could
produce and promote jointly.  But working with vendor dominated consortiums
is difficult.


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A sit down with Richard Clarke align expectations, resources and big picture
stuff. They can't do what we have already.. 

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I met with SafeCode (Paul Nicholas) a few years ago down in DC. They seem
well intentioned, but I think they suffer from the same problems as WASC -
it's all vendor input.  For all their funding, they've managed to produce
only a few white papers.

They weren't very receptive to working with OWASP when I met with them, but
perhaps their outlook has changed.  I can see why they'd like to get OWASP
to endorse them, and perhaps it's mutual.

What did you have in mind for working together?

- Joint conference (dangerous since they're sort of vendor sponsored)
- Joint media blitz - more promising
- Comarketing??


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Had a meeting with Stacy about SafeCode and OWASP working together


Anyone have additional background they want to add here + or -  ?

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