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>  *Can we have an “official vote” on this proposal so that it can be sent
> out to the AppSec DC coordinators, the leaders list and implemented quickly
> to accommodate travel to DC and the Summit?*
> * *
> *Thank you.*
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> *Title: Guidelines for OWASP leaders’ attendance of OWASP Conferences and
> OWASP Memberships*
> *
> *
> In recognition of the enormous value provided to OWASP by its leaders
> (projects, chapters, committee & board members) , and the fact that it is
> beneficial for all that these leaders actively participate on one or more OWASP-organized
> conferences<http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_AppSec_Conference>(16 in 2009), OWASP would like to propose the following 'operation
> guidelines' for facilitating the *leaders participation at OWASP
> conferences:*
>    - All leaders who currently enjoy an 'OWASP Honorary individual
>    membership' (see details below) apply for a 'FREE' participation on as many
>    Conferences he/she is able to attend
>    - By 'FREE' we mean that there is NO (i.e. zero) cost for the OWASP
>    leader, but internally OWASP is marking up this cost between $100 USD and
>    $300 USD (depending on the conference) which cover the 'participation costs'
>    of a conference attendee (venue, refreshments, lunch, etc..) .
>    - In order to simplify the process and to remove the potential
>    financial burden, this cost will NOT be allocated/paid by the Conference
>    Organizers, but will be covered by (in order of preference):
>       - a local chapter that has funds and wants to 'sponsor' a particular
>       leader to attend a conference (in most cases this should be in 'exchange' of
>       a chapter presentation of a debrief of what happened at the conference). See
>       'Notes for chapter with budgets' below
>       - a direct sponsorship of the leader's main employer or 3rd party
>       company that wishes to sponsor OWASP leaders
>       - OWASP on the Move funds
>    - In order to maximize OWASP resources and efforts, the following would
>    be expected from the OWASP Leader:
>       - Submit a presentation proposal with the conference RFP time period
>       (note that a separate thread (& guidelines) will be required to define the
>       recommended process (for conference organizers) to deal with these OWASP
>       Leaders presentations)
>       - Allow the conference to include the leader name in its marketing
>       efforts, i.e.: *"...come to the XYZ conference where you will be
>       able to meet personally the following OWASP leaders: {name - project}, {name
>       - project}, {name - project}, {name - project} .."*
>       - Help as much as possible the local organization team (conferences
>       are a LOT of work, and extra pair of hands are always necessary)
>       - If there is an OWASP-Stand, help with the 'manning the stand'
>       - Actively promote the conference in Blogs, Tweets, local chapters
>       and press
>    - To help with the OWASP Leader participation, and if required, OWASP
>    central (i.e. Kate) can send an 'official invitation letter' requesting that
>    the leader's employer allows the conference participation under company's
>    time (versus holiday time)
>       - Depending on the level of sponsorship given to the leader by its
>       employer, the conference organizers should add the leader's employer as a
>       conference sponsor (note: at the moment there is no standard name for these
>       type of sponsorships)
> *Notes for chapter with budgets*:
> The chapters that currently have budget available (see this document for
> the current list of funds available to local chapters)<http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=p6IFyntQTi7t-yH-peiD8Aw&pli=1>,
> can and is encouraged (at the discretion of the chapter leader AND its local
> community) to use its funds to:
>    - 'Pay' the OWASP internal conference participation cost (100 USD to
>    300 USD) of the current Chapter Leader(s)
>    - Cover part of the current Chapter Leader(s) travel expenses to attend
>    the conference (the current guidelines are 250 USD for local travel (in US
>    or in Europe) and 500 for International Travel (Europe-> US, in Asia, etc)
>    - 'Sponsor' a particular OWASP Project leader to attend the OWASP
>    conference in exchange for a participation at their chapter (this could be a
>    presentation, a training session, etc...)
>  *Notes on "Who is eligible for OWASP Honorary individual membership'*
> Contributions to OWASP are highly valuable, so in order to recognize its
> effort OWASP is allocating 'Honorary Individual Memberships' (i.e. Free
> memberships) to:
>    - OWASP Board Members
>    - OWASP Committee Members
>    - OWASP Chapter Leaders*
>    - OWASP Projects Leaders*
>    - Individuals with Special Contributions to OWASP*
> * The allocation of  'Honorary Individual Memberships' is going to be
> implemented in two phases
>    - 'pre AppSec DC conference' (i.e. now) - For historical reasons OWASP
>    chapter and projects leaders were not made OWASP Members in the past. So in
>    an effort to clean up the past and start with a clean state, the OWASP
>    Projects and Membership Committees is currently creating a list of ALL
>    active and past project and chapter leaders who will be given a Free 1 Year
>    OWASP Individual Membership
>    - 'post AppSec DC conference' - from Nov 09, and once a year there
>    after, the OWASP Chapter and Project Committees will be expected to first
>    create a criteria to allocate memberships (based on their contributions over
>    the past year) and then use it to produce an annual list of Individuals who
>    should be allocated an Free 1 Year 'Honorary Individual Membership'. This
>    list should then be submitted for vote and approval
> Honorary members will be given the opportunity, although not required to
> “donate” the annual dues to the Foundation.
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