[Owasp-board] two open topics before the weekend, please

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Fri Sep 25 20:51:14 UTC 2009

1.       I agree


2.       I am also a bit concerned what happens if we pay for chapter
leaders but not project leaders.   Project leaders is thorny, since many
projects have multiple leaders and the role is less well defined.





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I'm OK with your 1st idea.


Regarding the chapter leaders, can you draft an e-mail announcement and I'll
review it? You can then send it at some point, but we might want to wait
until we figure out how we are going to handle GC members and project
leaders too. This will probably slow us down for a few more days


Thanks, Dave


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First, by extracting names from a couple of different sheets (Paulo's
project spreadsheet, and chapter leader spreadsheet) I've tried to figure
out how many of these leaders/project leads, committee members are actually
members and how many would need "honorary memberships" to be eligible for
the vote in November.  Out of about 210 names, only about 60 are actually
members.  I still need to extract the "inactive chapter" leaders, but
considering the volume, I would like to go ahead and get started signing
them up ASAP.  Since they are no cost memberships, I would like to use
Eventbrite to register them, this way I will have all their data and they
will get a registration number.  I will print out membership cards for them,
but they will not get a "membership kit" 


All in favor of this process....


Secondly, there was quite a bit of debate over the cost for chapter leaders
admission to AppSec DC.  Will there be a formal announcement?  If so, can it
be soon?  Do you want me to do it or should it come from the DC AppSec
Committee (Rex, Doug, Mark).  Today is the last day for the early bird
pricing, and it's easier to set the leaders who want to attend up properly
from the beginning than to have to go and refund their payments and then
reapply codes.  




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