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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Wed Sep 23 17:04:07 UTC 2009

Can't the chapters pay for their chapter leaders to attend the conference
out of their chapter funds? This would just be internal money transfer on
the OWASP books, but wouldn't take revenue from the conference.


Then all we'd have to worry about is any project leaders that we want to
bring in for free, if we want to do that.




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Chapters Leaders, get into AppSecDC FOR FREE!!!


(Just board)


Hey Guys, it might be good if one of you reaches to Rex.


I don't think that he liked at all my email to the list (which is fair
enough), but I am worried that he didn't get the message (see email below to
David Campbell).


I have tried to reached to Rex directly, but he is not replying to my
emails, so one of you might be more lucky.


He seems to be stressed out with the cost of having these extra OWASP
leaders there, is that SUCH an extra cost? (after all we are only talking
about waiving the entry fee, so in essence the real cost is just the
catering and maybe a bit more for the venue, right?)


On the subject of budget, has Rex (and his team) been denied anything major
(that he wanted to do) due to budget constraints?




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No worries.  Like I said -- I only commented on this to Dinis privately
and he asked me to post it to the list (personal favor for him).

I'm sure you are *busy* as hell what with the new baby, your job, AND
the conference too!

My lips are sealed. Sorry to have stirred it up.


Rex Booth, OWASP wrote:
> Dude, you're killing me.  As a personal favor, please please PLEASE
> don't help stir the shit on this.
> This is a conference along the lines of BlackHat - something OWASP
> hasn't really done before in the US.  We're trying to take the
> professionalism up a notch - and we need money to do it.  I'm happy to
> discuss with you further in person if you like, but the last thing we,
> your colleagues, need is more drama in the public forum.
> Thanks,
> Rex

> David Campbell wrote:
>> Wow.  I take my eye of this list for a week or so and it goes supernova.
>> Per Dinis' request I'm making public some thoughts I shared privately
>> with him last night on this topic.
>> I can sympathize with both sides here.
>> One one hand as a small business owner I pay rather dearly for the
>> time and effort I put into OWASP as every hour that I'm working on
>> OWASP is an hour I'm not chargable.  For small biz owners and
>> independent contractors there is no such thing as holiday or vacation
>> time and while travel expenses and conference fees are a tax
>> deduction, they are still an entry in the 'wrong column' from a P&L
>> point of view.
>> On the other hand as a veteran OWASP event organizer I know what it
>> feels like to be thousands of dollars in the red in the run-up to the
>> event and also dealing with a million details to try to ensure the
>> con goes smoothly.
>> Is there a capacity issue at OWASP DC which makes it financially
>> problematic to admit chapter leaders gratis?  Is there a
>> food/catering issue in play also?  The reason I ask is that as a
>> chapter leader I'm already going to be out of pocket for travel
>> expenses, accomodation, and lost revenue attending the con.  Paying
>> to get in may be a dealbreaker for chapter leaders who are overdrawn
>> on the "emotional bank account" that is OWASP.
>> This isn't my conference to run, but I think it would be in the best
>> interest of the con, and OWASP as a whole, to admit chapter leaders
>> gratis, *provided that event capacity and catering costs aren't
>> issues*.  At security cons (Defcon perhaps notwithstanding), the more
>> the merrier.  And there's nothing like an underattended con
>> (EUsecwest london this year?) to dampen the mood for everyone.  That
>> said, if nonpaying chapter leader attendees would be taking spots
>> which would otherwise be filled by paying attendees, then the
>> decision becomes purely financial.
>> DC


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