[Owasp-board] [GPC] New Owasp project and time for me to dog-food the Assessment Criteria V2.0

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Project page has been created
I guess you know what comes next ;) 




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Ok guys, so (finally) here is the new project request for the 'OWASP

O2 Platform' which is the new home for my 'Ounce Sponsored Open Source

18 months research' called O2 :)


So Paulo hit me with the new project creation email/process and I will do my
best to follow it up.


This is very exciting since there is a number of Owasp projects that

O2 can add a lot of value and integrate with.


I will probably (in the short term) keep a structure similar to SAMM where I
will maintain the WIKI pages and a Community Driven external website (at the
moment at http://www.o2-openounce.com but I might change the domain name)


Very exciting times .... :)


Dinis Cruz


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