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Please see below - I am sending Mike’s draft response off. It goes without
saying, please cut, change or add it as you find best.


Also, I believe the type of questions Mike has posed probably show that in
our recent communications to the leaders’ mailing list we weren’t as
explicit as we should have been and so corrective action must be taken. If
you agree with this diagnosis maybe we can use at least parts of the
proposed Mike’s answer to globally deal with this issue.







Hello Mike,


On the question of clarifying what is being requested, we were only asking
for information to establish who is entitled to be given an honorary
individual membership. At this very moment, with this purpose, we were
solely concerned with identifying who is performing the roles of current
leader, current contributor(s), former leader(s) and former contributor(s)
as in accordance with the rules previously divulged these are the positions
that will grant the honorary membership status.


However, I easily concede that our strategy to deal with issue may have been
not entirely clear. In fact, we probably shouldn’t have asked our community
to partially fill in a new template (the project details one) without
previously presenting and discussing the entire framework. Being so and
regretting the avoidable confusion this may have caused, I thank the
opportunity your questions pose for us to shed light on this issue.


To begin from the very beginning, being an outcome of our new Assessment
Criteria 2.0, we do see the new Project Details page/tab as tool to manage
projects and more importantly to assure all OWASP Projects make available a
set of data considered essential, as for example, licenses, attribution and
downloadable files.  Also, the Project Details page was thought to support
the assessment of both Projects and their releases. Finally, it goes without
saying, our ultimate goal is to have an updated Project Details tab linked
with the concordant Project Page.


What’s more, as you also may know, the OWASP Global Projects Committee has
been working, roughly since the beginning of this year, to stabilize both
Assessment Criteria 2.0 and its more visible outcome which is the referred
Project Details page. This task has proven to be a hard one. Actually when
we were confronted with the need for dealing with the honorary membership
urgent question we still had at least three issues to solve and the first
two of them configure the reasons that have prevented us from asking the
community to fill in all the template’s fields. 


The first one concerns the Release template which works in articulation with
the Project Details one – we have already managed to simplify and to clean
up the latter but we still have a few operational questions to solve (mainly
design, automation and wiki code) regarding the former. 


The second one is of a more operational nature – we hadn’t yet decided what
kind of approach we should use to make sure the data were carried into the
Project Details page. As far as I understood the question, we hadn’t decided
if we propose this task is to be assumed by the GPC or by the project
leaders or by both simultaneously.  


The third reason is related with the question of project’s assessment. As
you may have realised our current methodology includes project and release
assessment and only the criteria do deal with the latter has been produced.


Thus, for the reasons above exposed, when we needed to sort out the question
of membership entitlement, we chose what seemed to be the shortest way to do
so which was only asking for sufficient data to deal with this confined
issue. Once again, we now see it was a mistake and shortly we will clarify
this issue in our mailing list.


Meanwhile, this being said, if you are already available to fill out the
Project Details pages of the projects with which you are engaged, it would
be appreciated. Of course, we will be here to discuss with you all the
operational issues that may arise.  


I thank the time taken to read such a long email which I hope could have
helped to clarify your questions,




Paulo Coimbra,

 <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project Manager


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To: 'Boberski, Michael [USA]'
Cc: 'Andrew van der Stock'; 'Dave Wichers'; 'Global Projects Committee'
Subject: RE: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP Honorary Individual Membership - Follow


Hello Mike,


I thank you for getting back to me to clarify your doubts. I am working on
it and I will get back to you shortly.


Many thanks, best regards,


Paulo Coimbra,

OWASP Project Manager <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> 


From: Boberski, Michael [USA] [mailto:boberski_michael at bah.com] 
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To: paulo.coimbra at owasp.org
Cc: Andrew van der Stock; Dave Wichers
Subject: RE: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP Honorary Individual Membership - Follow


Paulo, can you please clarify what is being requested.




Is it that you want the "project details page" filled out?


I don't really understand otherwise the indication on that page that it is
an unreviewed project and the criteria statements.


For ESAPI for PHP:


Same questions + I'd already filled out
P so I don't understand the status of "Empty template (PHP Version)".




Mike B.




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Subject: [Owasp-leaders] OWASP Honorary Individual Membership - Follow up.



On the issue of Honorary Individual Membership we thank those of you that
already have updated the Project Details pages and ask the remaining ones to
do so ASAP - for the reasons below exposed this process is an essential one
and so is your assistance.


Please see our OWASP Projects Dashboard
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Projects_Dashboard and check out the
information for your project(s).


I take the opportunity to clarify that we expect current contributors in the
“contributor_name” variable; we expect former contributors and former
leaders (no longer active) in “past_leaders_special_contributions” one.  


Also, regarding contributors, being possible, please provide email addresses
and/or wiki accounts. On the contrary, regarding former contributors and
leaders, their names is sufficient data.


Please note that while on Project Details page only the former variable will
be shown, on the Projects Dashboard both ones will be visible. We know this
is a questionable criterion. As for our option, collecting the needed data
for Honorary Membership purposes without overloading the template’s public
face was our rationale. 


Again, thank you for your time and support. As always, the GPC is at your
disposal if you have questions.


Best regards,


Paulo Coimbra,  <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project
Manager& Global Projects Committee



From: Paulo Coimbra [mailto:paulo.coimbra at owasp.org] 
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To: 'owasp-leaders at lists.owasp.org'
Cc: 'OWASP Foundation Board List'; 'Global Projects Committee';
'global_membership_committee at lists.owasp.org'
Subject: OWASP Honorary Individual Membership


Hello Leaders,


Hope you all are well.


As mentioned in previous emails to this list, in recognition of the enormous
value provided by its leaders and contributors (projects, chapters,
committee & board members), OWASP is currently working on the concept of a
'one year Honorary Individual Membership' (HIM) to explicitly reward
contributions with a set of benefits. 


A more thorough discussion on expanding the set of benefits associated with
HIM is ongoing, but currently it includes:


- ALL the privileges associated with ‘conventional’ 1 year OWASP Individual
Membership - http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Membership, such as the right to
VOTE for the next OWASP Board member -


-  FREE participation on All OWASP conferences -


The initial awarding of 'one year Honorary Individual Memberships' uses the
following selection criteria:


- You are a past active project leader, 


- You are a current active project leader,


- You are a past ‘significant’ project contributor*, 


- You are a current ‘significant’ project contributor*,


* (meaning the contributor whose contribution represents at least 25% of all
the work done in a project according to the project leader's judgment).


However, to help with the logistical issues, we will need your assistance.
Before the specifics, thanks in advance for your current and past efforts
with OWASP. 


First, please glance at our new OWASP Projects Dashboard
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Projects_Dashboard and check out the
information for your project(s). Please let the GPC know if you find any
errors or omissions.


Second, the dashboard above was built to containing ALL the ACTIVE OWASP
projects.  So, if you are leading one that is not on the list, please let us
know.  We apologize if this has happened - the error is ours and we'll
gladly correct it ASAP.


Third, please send us any past leaders and contributors who are eligible for
HIM. To do so, either answer this email with a list of their names or
directly enter their names in your “project details page” by filling in the
"past_leaders_special_contributions" variable. The “project details page”
can be edited through a link placed in the last column on the right of the
Project's Dashboard row.


Again, thank you for your time reading and responding to such a long email.
As always, the GPC is at your disposal if you have questions.


Best regards,


Paulo Coimbra,  <https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Main_Page> OWASP Project
Manager& Global Projects Committee



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