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Tom Brennan - OWASP tomb at owasp.org
Fri Nov 20 22:19:52 UTC 2009


Raising awareness of Application Security is the OWASP Foundation primary
mission and we welcome ALL to help.

Please note however that OWASP Foundation does not endorse commercial
products or services.

Recently SCIPP International has caused some confusion of our membership
with a perception of an "endorsement"  with logo usage and posting on your
commercial website and in print material from SCIPP concerning the "OWASP


To help, you with continued evangelism of application security we wanted to
provide you with (2) important links to information

#1 -OWASP brand usage rules

#2 OWASP Supporter information

You might consider joining our efforts and even delivering training at
upcoming OWASP conferences, being a sponsor globally, open-source a self
assessment or even a online CBT at no charge as a way to expand your brand
within the community (just a suggestion)

Thank you in advance for your support, please call me with any questions you
may have.

Tom Brennan
OWASP Foundation
(973) 506-9303
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