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I'm not sure exactly what the plans for the SDL Pro Network are.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/security/dd219581.aspx.  But it seems to be
pretty commercial and not particularly open.


I don't see what we gain from lending our name to this effort, since we can
already reference anything we want from our wiki.  And there's a danger that
we could lose a bit of our objectivity in the eyes of some.


I suggest that we 1) Should start to do comparisons between the various SDL
approaches out there.  2) Should NOT become too strongly aligned with any of
them, unless they are full OWASP projects.






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see below in the event you missed it.

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I spoke with Katie on Monday as a result of our approach.

The current 'SDL Pro Network' members are all either training or
consultancy organisations, and/or were involved in the development of
the project.  Katie can see an opportunity for OWASP to become a
member, but it would be a different type than these - OWASP's
importance, and significant developer audience, mean it is in a good
position to encourage the types of practices encouraged in lifecycle

The question is whether OWASP wants to become a member.  What (costs)
might that involve?

- referencing the Microsoft SDL / SDL Pro Network from the wiki
     - perhaps new pages about lifecycle issues, and referencing CLASP, SAMM
       and a new page about SDL Pro (and maybe others BSIMM, Cigital
       Security Touchpoints???)?
- allowing OWASP to be mentioned on the SDL Pro Network page as a member?
     - logo?
     - link?

At the moment there doesn't seem to be any obligation to contribute
resources in any way to the SDL effort, but I suspect the Global
Industry Committee and others would provide feedback on developer's
experiences and future public drafts and the like.  Would it weaken
CLASP or SAMM in any way?

OWASP would also need to consider whether its impartiality is in any
way affected, and also ensure it is not being seen to promote any
particular vendor.  OWASP materials already reference some vendor's
free and commercial products e.g.

Threat Risk Modeling

Does being a member of SDL Pro Network bring other benefits to OWASP?

- greater awareness?
- greater acceptance by commercial software development companies?

So we (OWASP) need to have a discussion.  Pravir and Andrew van der
Stock (Development Guide) would seem to be crucial to this. What are
people's views here, and how do you think we should proceed?


Colin Watson
Global Industry Committee
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Global_industry_committee at lists.owasp.org

Tom Brennan
(973) 506-9303

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