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1099s are for individuals in the U.S, which we issue for payments for SoC.
For people outside the U.S. we don't do anything.

1099s are not necessary for corporations.


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So OWASP issues them a 1099 or a W2 at the end of the year?

We also do this for grant projects correct, issue a 1099 ?

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Sorry. I made an error regarding #14. #14 is not ESAPI support. This is for
Aspect's ad hoc support to the OWASP foundation as necessary. This includes
admin support from Michelle and Shannon (usually for conferences and other
events), accounting support from Andi, sys admin support from Larry.

Aspect simply gets reimbursed for their time (their base salary plus some
allocation for benefits, etc.), but this is not 'for profit' support. Jeff
and I don't ever charge our time to be reimbursed. For example, while Alison
is on maternity leave, Andi will be doing OWASP's bookkeeping.

As we get more OWASP staff (Alison, Kate, Kate's friend, sys admin support),
then hopefully the need to rely on Aspect staff will drop.

That’s why we are est. this amount will go down this year.


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Some of these I can answer quickly. For Item #10, this is essentially for 1
cube and some storage space for OWASP. 

Kate has a cube, Alison has a Cube, and we gave Alex some space as well (but
didn't charge extra for it).

Kate now works from home, but comes in every other week. Alison works in the
office 1 day / week. We still only charge for 1 cube, even though there are
2 or even 3 being used on occasion.

There might be some other bundled costs with the cube but I forget the

#11: This is for OWASP's share of the T1, but seems a bit expensive so
hopefully includes more than just that??

#12: Don't know.

#14: This is for Aspect's support to ESAPI, max $2000 / month for twelve
months / year.

#17: This is for credit card fees for all the income we receive through
credit cards and paypal. i.e., almost all memberships, conference fees, etc.
Yes - its expensive.

#22: Yes, this was for the audit. Probably two years worth. Next year (for
the 2008 audit) should be cheaper as we aren't going to do a full audit this
year. Maybe every other year.

#29, and #15, and #16: We thought it appropriate to break them out, but we
can combine them if desired.


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Could I get some additional break down on the following items:

Item #10 $5400 - (What are we renting exactly? I understood that Kate works
from her home?)

Item #11 $30,000 - (Internet expenses - please describe what we are paying
for with this allocation)

Item #12 $ 2,232 - (this is for landlines or something else?)

Item #14 $ 24,000.00   - (Please provide breakdown of what this is,
who it is and what it costs - last year of $29,930.00 ~ unclear)

Item #17 $25,000.00  - how are we spending 25k in banking expenses?
We need to change banks - please explain.

Item #22 $ 7750 - accounting is this for filing the US 501(3)c business tax
returns when we give the CPA the quickbooks file annually or something else?

Item #29  - $90,000  season of code ~ why do we have a separate entry in the
budget for item #15 and #16 for all granted money from the foundation?

Thanks in advance


On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 9:34 AM, Andi McDowell
<andi.mcdowell at aspectsecurity.com> wrote:
> Dear Tom,
> I’ve attached a copy of the proposed 2009 budget that Dave wanted you 
> to review.  Please direct any questions on the budget to Dave.
> Thanks,
> Andi

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