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Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
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Some of these I can answer quickly. For Item #10, this is essentially for 1
cube and some storage space for OWASP. 

Kate has a cube, Alison has a Cube, and we gave Alex some space as well (but
didn't charge extra for it).

Kate now works from home, but comes in every other week. Alison works in the
office 1 day / week. We still only charge for 1 cube, even though there are
2 or even 3 being used on occasion.

There might be some other bundled costs with the cube but I forget the

#11: This is for OWASP's share of the T1, but seems a bit expensive so
hopefully includes more than just that??

#12: Don't know.

#14: This is for Aspect's support to ESAPI, max $2000 / month for twelve
months / year.

#17: This is for credit card fees for all the income we receive through
credit cards and paypal. i.e., almost all memberships, conference fees, etc.
Yes - its expensive.

#22: Yes, this was for the audit. Probably two years worth. Next year (for
the 2008 audit) should be cheaper as we aren't going to do a full audit this
year. Maybe every other year.

#29, and #15, and #16: We thought it appropriate to break them out, but we
can combine them if desired.


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Could I get some additional break down on the following items:

Item #10 $5400 - (What are we renting exactly? I understood that Kate works
from her home?)

Item #11 $30,000 - (Internet expenses - please describe what we are paying
for with this allocation)

Item #12 $ 2,232 - (this is for landlines or something else?)

Item #14 $ 24,000.00   - (Please provide breakdown of what this is,
who it is and what it costs - last year of $29,930.00 ~ unclear)

Item #17 $25,000.00  - how are we spending 25k in banking expenses?
We need to change banks - please explain.

Item #22 $ 7750 - accounting is this for filing the US 501(3)c business tax
returns when we give the CPA the quickbooks file annually or something else?

Item #29  - $90,000  season of code ~ why do we have a separate entry in the
budget for item #15 and #16 for all granted money from the foundation?

Thanks in advance


On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 9:34 AM, Andi McDowell
<andi.mcdowell at aspectsecurity.com> wrote:
> Dear Tom,
> I’ve attached a copy of the proposed 2009 budget that Dave wanted you 
> to review.  Please direct any questions on the budget to Dave.
> Thanks,
> Andi

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