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Tom Brennan tomb at owasp.org
Wed Mar 25 13:53:57 UTC 2009


Yesterday, when you viewed as a example my profile
http://www.linkedin.com/in/tombrennan in Linked in and clicked on the
company name of the OWASP Foundation Inc., it was linked to the
commercial side of Aspect Security business profile in Linked'In
company profile ~ this might have been a error?

I modified the listed this morning to be correct for OWASP Foundation
Inc. and also mirrored it to OWASP listing however the company link
still refers to Aspect Security in the Title and Domain.  Can you
please ratify this by communication with Linked'In to resolve it -
perhaps a email to customer support to resolve this error. You might
just want to create a Aspect Security business profile linked to
Aspect Security Inc.

(Note attached screenshot)

If you goto your profile in Linked'In
http://www.linkedin.com/in/wichers and scroll down to OWASP (note this
is not OWASP Foundation Inc.) this now links to the newly created
OWASP profile.

So, if you look at Linked'in you will see two common listings for
people they either list OWASP or OWASP Foundation Inc. the OWASP
Foundation Inc. is the one I am talking about and I am alerting people
to correct it to be OWASP Foundation Inc. as the proper name of the

You can also go into Linked'In and then search on Company and use
OWASP Foundation and you will see the listings as well.

Ring me if you have any questions.

Tom Brennan
Board Member
OWASP Foundation
Tel: 973-795-1046 x112
Url: www.owasp.org
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