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Mon Mar 16 18:52:03 UTC 2009

Eoin, got a call from Dave W., this morning with concerns of income of the
Ireland event being able to cover the costs for associated OWASP travel for
2 board members.
Today the plane for me to Ireland is $500.00 round trip.  I would be happy
to do the OWASP overview preso and I have additional talks that I can do as
well depending if you need them such as OWASP Security Spending Benchmarks
Project Report  and the Get Rich or Die Trying - Making Money on the Web so
let me know either I can bail on the travel or help support your efforts -
your call.


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attached is a rough timetable of the speakers I have for Ireland 09.
Hope people will go given the fact that everyone is broke etc....
tell me what you think?
Kate: Can we get registration going? and also add Dave W's training course?


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