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Please see below my inline answers.




Paulo Coimbra,

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I'm curious, is there any particular reason we're soliciting logos for the

[pc] Yes, from my perspective there is. I think the SoC 2008 has profited
from having its own visual identity and consequently this year I’ve asked
Dinis if we could do the same. I’ve also proposed that we contracted the
designer that had created our former logos for free as a way of compensating
him and Dinis agreed by saying we could propose him a budget not higher than
500 dollars to create the entire season visual identity.  Thus, I’ve acted
in conformity. I realise now, that I should have asked also for Committee’s
position but I wrongly thought it was a pacific decision. For doing so, I

It seems to me that we should just establish a template that defines the
font and color that we're going to use for "Season of Code YYYY", place the
base OWAPS logo on top of that and reuse that model year to year. I don't
see the necessity for creating new logos every year. In fact, I think
reusing the same pattern year to year establishes some consistency and
recognition to SoC.

 [pc] I understand your point and generally agree. Following this approach
the designer had created the attached logos – as you know, we have already
used two of them to manage the OWASP Spring of Code 2007 and the OWASP
Summer of Code 2008.

However, we have decided for a simplified designation of our seasons of code
by eliminating the reference to the seasons (Spring, Summer, winter, Autumn)
and only keeping the year mention, i.e. the new season of code will be named
OWASP Season of Code 2009. Consequently, I felt we needed again a designer

As for this specific set of new logos - I have nothing against it except I
think that the colors should be reversed. If there's going to be blue
lettering, I think it needs to be the word "OWASP" since blue is an OWASP
color. I think making the word "OWASP" green diminishes the brand value of
the OWASP blue color.

But ultimately, I think I'd be happy with just taking the 2008 logo
(http://www.owasp.org/images/7/79/SoC_08_Logo.jpg), changing the year to
2009 and changing the color highlight on both the bug and the lettering from
orange to a new color.

[pc] As for these two paragraphs, above, please forgive me but I
fundamentally disagree with your view. I really think one must avoid that
kind of approach towards the designers’ work, towards other professionals
work. From my perspective, allow me the frankness, asking a designer
something like “I like this logo but please change the colours and use the
colour X or Z” is neither respectful nor efficient. As I am an economist and
don’t have designer skills, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with such approach.
As you may have noticed, for the same reason, managing the OWASP Projects, I
avoid any kind of technical comment. 

For three years, I’ve worked as marketing director in a Portuguese
university and used many different designers to fulfil our needs. I’ve never
said to any of them “change this colour” or “change this bit”. Although I
have several times evaluated design proposals as not fit for the established
goal and asked the designer to re-do the work. My strategy consisted in
previously selecting the best designers available for my budget, setting up
clear organizational goals for each work and approving or reproving a
proposal as a whole. Without false humility, I think I have created value.
Thus, I propose we follow a similar path. 

In my view we should decide whether any of the two previously presented
proposals, as they are, serve our goals and if not we should ask for a new

If you agree, maybe we can discuss this issue further in our next conference

Just my opinion.

-Jason Li-
-jason.li at owasp.org-

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 8:08 AM, Paulo Coimbra <paulo.coimbra at owasp.org>

Board, Committee,


For your information and assessment, I am sending a new SoC logo proposal. 


As Jeff has approved the former version, I am also re-sending it. I suppose
we could decide having into account the two presented possibilities.




Paulo Coimbra,

OWASP Project Manager


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Subject: Nova proposta para logo "OWASP - Season of Code 09"



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