[Owasp-board] FW: Question on how much just beverages would cost for the OWASP SwA Day Friday

Kate Hartmann kate.hartmann at owasp.org
Wed Mar 11 15:11:33 UTC 2009

90 attendees have registered through Cvent for the day.  Registration is now
closed because we need to allow the facility to process the background
clearance on those who attend (don't worry, they don't have the videos from
Portugal, so you're safe, Tom).  Additionally, the 250 attendees from the
DHS event this week have all been prescreened and at least 50% of them are
expected to attend.  At a minimum, we're looking at 150 attendees.

The OWASP Software Assurance Day DC 2009 will be held in conjunction with
the DHS/DOD/NIST Software Assurance Forum at MITRE Building 1, 7525 Colshire
Drive, McLean, VA 22102.

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I agree with Kate that it is a investment. We can also start looking at
grants from the DHS.

Kate, How many attendees are rsvp'ed? 

What is the actual address of this venue?

See you Friday.

Any questions, give me a call at 973-202-0122

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