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Seba seba at owasp.org
Wed Mar 11 08:37:29 UTC 2009

>From an OWASP economics standpoint,I tend to agree, but this is also the
time where a lot of people are not able to attend conferences.
So it is even more important for OWASP to make the conferences available as
free online video.
But we can indeed have a period where DVD's can be ordered (and also
afterwards) to cover the production costs.

Currently I have not yet foreseen video recording in Poland: is the 'US guy'
a good candidate to come over?
Can you send me his contact details?



On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 6:31 PM, Dave Wichers <dave.wichers at owasp.org>wrote:

>  Given the economics of this year, I think it would be prudent to reduce
> our video recording costs where possible. In the U.S. the guy who did the
> conference last year normally works on a model where he does the videos’ for
> free, and then sells them. Maybe we could work a deal where he provides the
> videos to us six months later or something so we still get it, for free, but
> don’t have to pay for it, and don’t have to compete with ourselves by
> offering them free right away.
> Does this seem reasonable to pursue?
> Related to that is a question about the Australia con. They paid for video,
> but the con last money. We could sell the DVDs for a while (6 months) and
> then eventually put them online for free. The idea is to try to recover some
> of the costs of the cost overrun. At least the amount we paid to record the
> videos which was like $5K.
> Are you OK with pursuing both of these options?
> Thanks, Dave
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