[Owasp-board] FW: For your approval - please do NOT FILL IN - Global Committee Assessment

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I’ve added your proposed question




Paulo Coimbra,

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Global Committee Assessment


Looks good I would ask a question to "qualify" the global members with a
question like:


When did you join the Global Committee

X Portugal

X Other


I would somehow reinforce the purpose of the global committee as a group
that provides regional representatives from around the world to represent
the owasp individuals, projects and chapters around the world.  <--- this is
key purpose of why they were formed.


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 1:22 PM, Paulo Coimbra <paulo.coimbra at owasp.org>



For your approval please check this link
Gcnc6MA out.




Paulo Coimbra,

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From: Dinis Cruz [mailto:dinis.cruz at owasp.org] 
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Subject: Re: For your approval - please do NOT FILL IN - Global Committee


Hi paulo, can you also forward this to the Owasp board?



Dinis Cruz

On 16 Jun 2009, at 17:57, pcoimbra at owasp.org wrote:

If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out

Global Committee Assessment


* Required 


1. What is your name and email address? * 


2. To which committee do you belong? * 

·         ( ) Projects

·         ( ) Membership

·         ( ) Education

·         ( ) Conferences

·         ( ) Industry

·         ( ) Chapters


3.What is the frequency that your committee meets? * 

·         ( ) Weekly

·         ( ) Every 2 weeks

·         ( ) Every 3 weeks

·         ( ) Monthly

·         ( ) Quarterly

·         ( ) Other: 


4. How active is your committee generally speaking? * 

·         ( ) Very Active

·         ( ) Somewhat Active

·         ( ) Active

·         ( ) Somewhat Inactive

·         ( ) Very Inactive


5. How frequently are you are able to make committee meetings? * 

·         ( ) Very often

·         ( ) Somewhat often

·         ( ) About half

·         ( ) Less then half

·         ( ) Seldom


6. What work has your committee been engaged in? What contributions has it
made to the OWASP community? * e.g. Created a ppt presentation for chapter
meetings about membership, Commented on NIST Document 801-55, ... 


7. What significant contributions have you made to the work of your
committee? * e.g. Provided input on NIST Document 801-55, Update the
committee Wiki page with summaries of our committees meetings, ... 


8. What contributions have been made by other committee members? * 


9. How frequently do the other committee members make meetings? Use the same
scale as above after each member's name * e.g. If there are 3 other
committee members: Alice, Bob and Charles, then you might enter the
following “Alice 2, Bob 5, Charles 4” 


10. Does your committee need more members? If so, how many? * 


11. What is your wish list for your committee? What would you like to see
added, changed, removed or modified about your committee? * 


12. What could/should the OWASP board to help your committee with it work? 


What can be improved about the Global Committees or your committee
specifically? Please provide any suggestions of comments you may have. 



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