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Guys, do you think this is appropriate to forward to the leader's list, or
would the board like to prepare something by itself?  I also think that
someone from the projects committee may be able to contribute.


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I'm editing the monthly professional journals 'Network Security' and  
'Computer Fraud & Security' (published by Elsevier in the UK) while  
its permanent editor, Danny Bradbury, is on sick leave. And I'm  
looking for people who might be interested in contributing articles.

As I'm sure you know, both titles are aimed at specialists in the  
security field - CISOs and suchlike. 'Computer Fraud & Security' (CFS)  
tends to veer more towards the issues, policies and strategies around  
IT security, while 'Network Security' (NESE) is more of a technical  

I'm looking for articles of around 2,500 words. They need to be highly  
focused and detailed and can't contain product plugs, vendor spiel or  
marketing guff - just good, solid, informative fact. The type of thing  
that might form a technical paper is particularly good for Network  
Security, while CFS articles can approach from a higher level, while  
still focused on a very specific topic. They can't have been published  
anywhere else (which includes papers that are available to download  
from websites).

Elsevier doesn't pay for these articles. However, the good news is  
that it's an excellent opportunity for an organisation to demonstrate  
its expertise to the great and the good in the security space. We run  
a bio of the author, with an explanation of what the organisation  
does, and why it is qualified to write about this subject.

I need to generate a number of features for the next few issues, but  
my most immediate requirement is for the Sept issue for which I have a  
copy deadline of 16th Aug. Which is very soon.

If you think anyone at OWASP would like to contribute - for the  
September or later issues - please get in touch ASAP to discuss  
subjects. I'd really appreciate your input. I'm particularly  
interested in building relationships with knowledgeable people who  
might be able to contribute on a regular basis.

There's more info at: http://www.webvivant.com/CFS-NESE.html

Best wishes,



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