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Sure just communicate the global effort so the advisory folks understand that in addition to regional (india) we OWASP are looking forward to there involvement globally. FYI Mahi has done a great job putting together Goldman Sacs, Barclay, Citi in the NYC "region" or USA too - so when we get industry to "be involved" we want to have them understand that OWASP is global and there contributions and requests allow OWASP to speak as a "body" to drive the industry forward on the owasp mission (www.owasp.org) locally, regionally and globally and even intergalactic :) in a informal way that we are as a voice FOR industry.

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Hi Tom,
 Appreciate your agreement and you may count me in this initiative. As you might be aware, our conference is lined up for Nov 2009 so we are in bit hurry on this. Infact, I already lined up meetings with few key contacts here in India to kick-off the idea and get started in the coming week. 
 Would it be possible for GIC to allow me making a regional advisory panel right away as per our current regional priorities and at the same time put parallel efforts to achieve milestones of GIC keeping global focus.
 Many Thanks,
 Tom Brennan wrote:     
 Excellent, I would suggest however it be on mission with the GIC of creating a "OWASP advisory board" hence Dhruv we should loop you into existing plans and milestones and your conception is on target so let's focus global. I know you have been spending cycles on GCC (conferences) so if you have the bandwidth to add cycles to GIC we can take all the regional efforts and drive to the milestone of the same. 
 ** Mahi Dontamsetti - your help here too would be welcomed being a world traveler and someone we need on the advisory council (Barclay) and Darren Challey (GE) too if cycles allow as a representative.
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Tom and committee, 
Dhruv in India has sent me the following information…… 
“We intend to form a nation wide OWASP India advisory board to include somewhere around 20-25 CXOs from fortune 500 companies.  I was thinking to get another chapter page setup as OWASP India....so that advisors shouldn't find themself limited at OWASP Delhi page.  These guys are like CISO for Microsoft APAC, Barklays bank, Fideilty, IBM etc. So I want to make it look to them as in they are advisor to OWASP India rather to a small Delhi based chapter….I think it would be highly helpful in gaining quick visibility and manage the event promotion quickly and easily.  Like in India, if we have 25 CXOs on advisory board then in every conference we just need to contact these people only for sponsorship or delegates nomination.  Less efforts and better results.” 
I believe this would be a proposal for the industry committee to review.  I am happy to provide any assistance. 
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