[Owasp-board] Tomorrow's Board Meeting - Accounting Items

Alison Shrader alison.mcnamee at owasp.org
Mon Jul 6 19:49:44 UTC 2009

I am not going to be on the board conference call tomorrow.  I have to take
Emily to the doctor's to get her 4 month shots =(


There are a few accounting issues that I would like to go over with the
board.  I have listed them out below, so if everyone could please discuss
tomorrow and then I can check in with Kate to see the results.


1.      Financial Review for 2008:  Are we going to have a financial review
done for 2008?  The cost would be $5k.  My suggestion would be to skip it
this year, given OWASP's financial situation.  I think having a full blow
audit done every few years would be the best option.


2.      Outstanding Invoices: We have some outstanding invoices that are
over a year old.  At what point should we write off the amount due to us (6
months, 1 year, etc.)?  Our oldest invoice still due is from training at the
Belgium 2008 conference.  I have emailed several times, and have gotten no
response.  The total amount due is $2900.


3.      Funds due to Local Chapters: When I first started tracking funds due
to local chapters, I was told that OWASP would eat the cost of the fees
associated with receiving these funds.  So for example if someone donates
$100 to the London chapter, and the paypal fee is $3, I credit the full $100
to the London chapter.  I wanted to revisit this, and find out if I should
keep tracking the funds this way.or if it would make more sense for the
chapter to pay the fee.  With our current financial situation, I'm just
trying to think of as many places as possible to save some money.



Kate - once you post the agenda online, let me know if you would like me to
add these items to the wiki.




Alison Shrader


9175 Guilford Road, Suite 300

Columbia, MD 21046


alison.shrader at owasp.org



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