[Owasp-board] Andres Riancho - w3af?

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Hello Sebastien,


Regarding your first question, the answer is no, the w3af is not an OWASP
project.  Please see attached the last email that I've exchanged with him
about the issue.




Paulo Coimbra,

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I have Andres proposing a topic for the EU conference:

"If you guys are interested I could also give a 50 minute talk about w3af.
It would be a mix between my introductory talk to w3af (like the one I gave
in OWASP NYC), and a new subject that I'm researching at this moment in
order to add to the framework: "web application payloads"."


Is w3af now an OWASP project ?

Did we clear out the discussion on him 'working' for OWASP?






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